Imlie 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Imlie expressing her desire to Dhairya, stating that she wants to unite Arto and Chini for Kairi’s bright future. Imlie then proceeds to teach Kairi, who warmly embraces her. Paty commends Imlie for bravely facing the thugs. Kairi mentions that both her best friend and her princess momma assisted her, but she wonders why everyone considers Imlie to be bad.

Arto arrives and informs Kairi that sometimes those we trust the most can betray us. Paty warmly welcomes Arto, and while interacting with him, she notices a fallen eyelash and gently touches his face to retrieve it. Arto senses her touch and reminisces about Imlie. He ponders the possibility that Imlie could be responsible for his abduction and desires clarification. Arto blows the hair, which he holds between Paty’s hand, hoping to find answers.

Imlie becomes overwhelmed with emotion, and Arto departs to meet with the police. Kairi proudly demonstrates to Paty how she fought off the kidnappers. During their interaction, Paty’s wig accidentally falls off, leading Kairi to recognize her true identity. Meanwhile, Anu asserts that Imlie won’t be easily caught. In Kairi’s room, everyone overhears Imlie speaking through the walkie-talkie, revealing that Imlie and Miss Paty are the same person. Realizing that the walkie-talkie is still transmitting, Imlie promptly turns it off. Kairi decides to keep this secret to herself, but Arto laments that it is now too late.

He confronted Imlie, demanding an explanation for her actions, only to have his trust shattered once again. Shockingly, Imlie had resorted to kidnapping both Kairi and him. Despite the gravity of the situation, Imlie remained silent, leaving everyone perplexed. Anu expressed her disbelief, unable to fathom how Imlie could stoop so low. It turned out that Imlie had divulged all the information to Reyansh while in disguise.

Rudra and Shivani found it hard to accept that Imlie could be in the wrong. However, Dhairya arrived with the police, swiftly silencing all doubts. Imlie, determined to clarify the situation, declared her intention to speak with Arto. She explained that she had resorted to a disguise because Arto had forbidden her from meeting Kairi, which she deemed crucial. It was a decision she couldn’t avoid. She had provided information to Reyansh solely to locate Arto and reunite with him.

Anu accused Imlie of fabricating lies to cover up her misdeeds. Dhairya couldn’t hold back and spilled the truth about how Imlie had been coerced into participating in the Miss Paty event and had been with Arto until the arrival of the police. After saving Kairi, Imlie had sent Chini away with her. Imlie had been evading them because the police were pursuing her. All these actions were taken for the sake of Kairi, but unfortunately, no one seemed to comprehend her sacrifices. Dhairya urged Imlie not to feign decency towards ungrateful individuals. Anu questioned why Imlie hadn’t directly revealed the truth to them, to which Dhairya responded that understanding Imlie’s actions was beyond their capacity.

Dhairya demanded that Imlie show her bullet wound to everyone. Imlie complied, shocking Arto. He realized that his suspicions had been correct – Imlie had been with him all along. Dhairya explained that he had remained silent at Imlie’s request, but now he had revealed the truth. Kairi also confirmed the events, detailing how both Imlie and Chini had bravely fought against the assailants. Arto directed his questions at Chini, asking why she had lied. Chini admitted that she had doubted Imlie, just like everyone else. Dhairya then departed, while Arto expressed gratitude to Imlie for her assistance, feeling overwhelmed with guilt. Anu cautioned Chini that they needed to prevent Arto from reconciling with Imlie.

[Episode End]

Precap : Arto stood on the verge of evicting Dhairya from the house, but before he could act, Imlie intervened. She ardently declared that Dhairya was her future husband, thereby making it clear that no one had the authority to dismiss him. This revelation left Arto and Chini utterly astounded.

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