Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Arto bidding farewell to Chini, while Imlie remains unaware of his departure. Concerned, Arto inquires why Chini appears stressed, to which she reveals her dissatisfaction with the camp’s inadequate childcare, citing Kairi’s recent accident in a ditch as an example. Arto acknowledges that children occasionally get hurt but emphasizes that they shouldn’t be confined to the house as a result. Chini expresses her worries about Kairi distancing herself from them, as she has never refused to return home before. Arto reassures her not to fret.

Meanwhile, Kairi informs Imlie about meeting her father and assuring him of her well-being and decision to stay at the camp. Imlie expresses disappointment that she missed the opportunity to meet him. Shortly after, Imlie warmly welcomes the arrival of the Rana family at the camp and inquires about their journey. Kia responds by saying it was exhausting, while Akash teases her, mentioning that she was asleep throughout the journey.

Kairi encounters them and affectionately addresses Rudra as her grandfather. She engages in conversation with everyone, and an immediate connection is established. Kairi reveals that Imlie informed her about each of them, which brings joy to Devika. Curiously, Kairi inquires with Dhairya if his photograph is present in Imlie’s locket. Sensing the need for privacy, Imlie escorts Kairi away, assuring they will converse later. Chini expresses disbelief at the current situation, marveling at the fact that Imlie is with Kairi. In the meantime, Anu calls Chini and revels in her fear becoming a reality, relishing the news that Imlie has finally been reunited with her daughter. Anu suggests that Chini bring Kairi back by resorting to threats, but Chini asserts that such methods no longer align with her changed self. Anu warns that Chini may lose her family if she continues down this path, but Chini terminates the call, determined to separate Imlie and Kairi at any cost.

Dhairya gazes at Imlie with happiness, while the melodious tune of “O Meherbaan” fills the background. Imlie and Kairi engage in playful interactions, and as Kairi is about to stumble, Dhairya swiftly rescues her. Grateful, Kairi expresses her gratitude to him. Observing Dhairya’s affection for Imlie, Kairi offers him advice on how to propose to her. She suggests playing hide and seek, playfully teasing him. Later, Kairi proposes that he serenade Imlie with a song to impress her, mentioning that her own father is a remarkable singer. Kairi plays a tune on a tablet, and Dhairya admits that he is not as skilled a singer as her father. Unbeknownst to them, Imlie overhears the melody and is reminded of Arto’s voice. Curiosity piqued, she investigates further. Dhairya practices singing the song, acknowledging his lack of expertise in both singing and dancing. Memories of Arto serenading her with “Tu Chahiye” flood Imlie’s mind, and she queries Dhairya about the origin of the song. He reveals that he heard it playing on someone’s phone, prompting Devika to also inquire. Rudra swiftly whisks Devika away, diverting the conversation.

Kairi notices the low battery on the tablet and decides to stop playing the music before leaving the room. Just then, she receives a call from Chini, who asks how she is doing. Kairi reassures her that she’s fine, and Chini mentions that she forgot her purse near Kairi and plans to come to retrieve it. Intrigued, Rudra asks Kairi who she’s talking to, and she introduces Chini as her best friend forever. As Rudra catches a glimpse of Chini’s photo in the purse, he becomes shocked.

Later on, Chini questions Kairi about why she hasn’t returned from the camp yet. Kairi explains that she doesn’t want to leave at the moment. Meanwhile, Kairi searches for Rudra and finds him face-to-face with Chini, leaving her utterly stunned. Imlie, witnessing the situation, tells Rudra that Kairi easily makes friends and considers her parents lucky to have a child like her. However, Imlie mentions that her luck hasn’t been as favorable. Sensing her unease, Rudra consoles her by assuring her that everything will be alright. Imlie responds by expressing her contentment, as she feels supported by her loving family.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rudra inquires Chini about the identity of Kairi, to which Chini reveals that Kairi is her daughter. In a surprising revelation, Rudra discovers that Arto is alive and acknowledges that he intentionally kept Kairi away from his family. Rudra contemplates whether he should inform Imlie about Arto’s survival, considering that Chini and Kairi are now his only family.

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