Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with passengers desperately pleading with Bheema, urging him to release them first. In response, one of the terrorists fires a shot from his revolver, cautioning the passengers to remain calm. The distressing situation causes the mother of a toddler to lose consciousness. Sai intervenes, calling for an end to the arguments. She bravely requests the terrorists to release the children first. Bhavani instructs Ashwini to retrieve the children from their hiding place. Despite her efforts, Ashwini is shot in the hand by one of the terrorists for concealing the kids. This incident leaves the Chavan family deeply concerned.

To everyone’s surprise, Bheema agrees to let the children go. However, he hears the sound of a baby crying and questions whose child it is. Karishma, in an attempt to escape from the flight, lies and claims that the baby is hers. Bheema grants her permission to leave with the children. The Chavan family is left astonished by Karishma’s unexpected decision. Meanwhile, Virat instructs Kadam and the team not to enter the flight until they receive his signal, a directive to which Kadam agrees.

Bheema counts the number of children and determines that there are a total of 11. He then asks Sai to make the difficult choice of deciding whether Vinu or Savi should be sent out of the flight. Bhavani pressures Sai to choose Vinu. However, Sai finds herself unable to make such a decision. Bheema warns Sai that if she refuses to choose, he will not release either of them. Geethanjali tries to revive the unconscious woman by sprinkling water on her face. The woman regains consciousness and immediately asks for her baby. Geethanjali explains that another woman took the baby, causing the distressed mother to cry out in anguish. Bheema sternly warns the woman not to create a scene.

Savi selflessly urges Vinu to leave with the other children, assuring him that she will join them later. Vinu, along with the rest of the kids, is released from the flight, bidding a temporary farewell to Savi.

Virat and his team arrive at Nanded Airport, where they encounter a group of children. Concerned for their well-being, Virat instructs the medical team to examine the kids. Amidst the commotion, Vinayak rushes towards Virat, embracing him tightly, and delivers distressing news about their family’s perilous situation. Vinayak reveals that Ashwini has been shot in the hand and their grandfather has also sustained injuries, desperately pleading with Virat to save them. Determined, Virat assures Vinayak that he will do everything in his power to rescue their loved ones.

While Virat is preoccupied, he notices Karishma holding a baby and proceeds to question her about the child. Overwhelmed with fear, Karishma flees from the scene, leaving Virat bewildered. Sensing the urgency and gravity of the situation, Vinu implores Virat to make a solemn promise to safeguard their family members. Without hesitation, Virat pledges his unwavering commitment to their safety. He instructs his team to escort Vinu and the other children to safety, while Vinu tearfully beseeches Virat to return unharmed. With a bittersweet smile, Virat acknowledges the weight of the moment.

Meanwhile, a group of terrorists begins issuing threats to the passengers, causing Savi to become enraged. Ignoring Sai’s pleas for restraint, Savi confidently asserts that her father, Virat Chavan, will apprehend the terrorists just as he had captured their leader. Bheema, curious about Savi’s familial connections, probes her further. Savi defiantly discloses Virat’s identity, shocking the Chavan family. Bheema smirks and demands that Savi divulge the names of her relatives. Refusing to comply, Savi stubbornly maintains her silence. Bheema warns that unless the Virat family emerges, he will harm Savi. In response, the Chavan family bravely rises to their feet, prepared to face the imminent danger.

Virat takes to the microphone, addressing Bheema directly. He assures him that he is bringing the requested ransom and warns that if any harm befalls the passengers, they will face dire consequences. Sai, filled with worry for Virat’s safety, watches on anxiously. Despite the looming danger, Virat boards the aircraft, clutching a bag of money. As their eyes meet, Virat and Sai share a moment of profound anguish. Overcome with tears, Sai questions why Virat risked his life by entering this perilous situation, fully aware of the potential danger that awaits.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bheema implores Sai to take aim at either Virat or Satya.

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