Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode starts with Sai entering Vijendra’s room, conveying the importance of a task before his surgery. Curious, Vijendra inquires about the nature of the task. Responding to his query, Sai calls for Amba to join them. Promptly, members of Satya’s family bring Amba into the room. Sai then urges Vijendra to marry Amba by applying the auspicious vermillion on her forehead. Filled with gratitude, Vijendra expresses his appreciation to Sai for bringing immense joy into his life. Accompanied by Bhavani’s unexpected arrival, Amba questions her presence. Sai explains that Bhavani is present to bless her sister. Vijendra proceeds to apply the sindoor, symbolizing the sanctity of their marital bond. Bhavani interrupts the moment, requesting a brief pause. Amba, puzzled, wonders why Bhavani has appeared. Sai clarifies that Bhavani is present to bestow her blessings upon them. With Amba expressing her gratitude, Sai takes a photograph of the united family, capturing the precious moment. Amba then seeks Bhavani’s blessings.

Shortly after, the doctor informs Sai that Vijendra must be prepared for surgery. Overwhelmed with concern, Amba, Sai, and Satya request Vijendra’s safe return. The doctor proceeds to escort Vijendra to the operation room. Grateful for Bhavani’s presence, Amba and Sai express their thanks. However, Bhavani firmly declares that while she has come to offer her blessings, forgiveness is something she can never extend to them.

Outside the operating theater, Sai reassures Amba, telling her not to worry and assuring her that everything will be fine. Amba agrees and expresses her belief that Satya is lucky to have Sai as his wife. Just then, the doctor emerges from the theater. Satya approaches the doctor to inquire about the surgery, and the doctor delivers the good news that the operation was successful. Overwhelmed with relief and joy, Sai, Satya, and Amba share a group hug. Virat, witnessing this scene, is taken aback by the display of affection.

Vijendra regains consciousness, but he has no memory of what happened. Satya and Amba inform him that they are his family. Sai, however, imagines Virat in Vijendra’s place and becomes overcome with sadness. In tears, she leaves the scene and sits outside, contemplating whether her relationship with Virat will remain unfulfilled. Satya notices Sai’s distress and joins her outside, assuming it is because of his father’s condition. He offers her comfort by embracing her. Observing their closeness, Virat believes that he has lost Sai to Satya forever.

Later, Satya and his family bring Vijendra home. Meanwhile, Virat continues to see Sai everywhere he goes. Consumed by frustration, he vents his anger by smashing a mirror and shouting. Ashwini approaches Virat, concerned about his behavior, and inquires about what happened. Virat explains that Sai is constantly disturbing him. Ashwini assures him that everything will be resolved soon. However, Virat insists that the situation won’t improve until he can see Sai regularly, leading him to decide to transfer to a distant place. Ashwini is shocked by his decision. As Virat receives a call from Kadam, he leaves to apprehend Ramakanth, the culprit who hijacked the bank.

Ninad notices Ashwini’s worry and asks her about it. She expresses her concern for Virat, fearing that he will embark on dangerous missions as he did in the past. Ninad consoles her, assuring her that Virat will take care of himself for the sake of his children.

Virat arrives at the bank and inquires about the situation from Kadam. Kadam informs him that Ramakanth has taken hostages, and they are awaiting backup. Determined not to wait, Virat decides to enter the bank alone. In Ashwini’s dream, Virat gets shot. The following day, Ashwini, deeply concerned for Virat’s safety, organizes a puja in his name, hoping for his well-being.

Sai urges Satya to prepare quickly, reminding him not to be late on his first day. Satya assures her that he is ready and expresses his excitement about returning to work. Amba joins them and announces her plan to accompany Vijendra for his natural treatment in Nasik. Sai approves of the idea, and Amba requests Satya and Sai to make her and Vijendra grandparents before they return from Nasik. Sai feels uneasy about the request. Amba suggests that Satya and Sai go to the temple to perform a puja in Vijendra’s name, praying for his swift recovery. Satya agrees to the plan.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ashwini humbly expresses her apology to Sai for her past actions of pressuring her to leave Virat’s life. She sincerely requests Sai’s help in preventing Virat from departing as he has recently received a transfer and will soon be distanced from both of them. Recognizing the deep connection between Virat and Sai, Ashwini believes they are truly meant for each other. Unexpectedly, Satya overhears their conversation, and upon Sai’s turning, she notices Satya’s presence.

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