Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sai’s arrival at Chavan Nivas, where she proceeds to enter the house. However, Bhavani intercepts her, questioning her entitlement to enter their premises. Undeterred, Sai inquires about Virat’s whereabouts. Bhavani derisively taunts Sai while Karishma reveals that Virat has just left for the airport. Witnessing Virat departing in a taxi, Sai instinctively chases after the vehicle, neglecting to wear her slippers. Unfortunately, her efforts prove futile as she fails to halt the cab’s progress. Determined, she hires a taxi of her own and rushes to the airport. Upon arrival, Sai encounters the security team who attempts to impede her passage. Pleading with them, Sai convinces them to grant her entry after they inspect her bag and comprehend the gravity of her love-driven pursuit.

Sai ventures inside the airport and locates Virat. Overwhelmed with emotion, she embraces him tightly and questions his decision to abandon her and their children. She emphasizes that he cannot leave their shared narrative unfinished. In response, Virat reassures her that their story cannot remain incomplete as he deeply loves her. Touched by his words, Sai musters the courage to confess her profound love for him. Virat, filled with joy, reciprocates her feelings. Suddenly, Sai collides with someone, jolting her back to reality. She realizes that her encounter with Virat was a figment of her imagination. Observing that Virat has not actually departed anywhere and is merely seeing off a colleague, Sai reflects on her hasty conclusions and berates herself for prematurely assuming the situation.

Virat spots Sai at the airport and curiously inquires about her presence. Sai, seeking to avoid his questions, simply states that she is there for some work before swiftly departing. Virat is left pondering over the reason behind her being at the airport. Meanwhile, Sai arrives at Usha’s place and confides in her, revealing everything that has been going on. Usha, aware of Sai’s lingering feelings for Virat, advises her to accept the reality and not evade it.

Satya, with Sheetal’s assistance, adorns Sai’s cabin as a gesture of affection. He resolves to confess his love for Sai, while she gradually realizes that she, too, harbors deep feelings for Virat. Usha encourages Sai to make a decision before it’s too late, reminding her that her marriage with Satya is more of a contractual arrangement. Sai acknowledges the lateness of the situation, having already married Satya, and expresses her unwillingness to make him feel used. However, Usha suggests that since her marriage with Satya is akin to a contractual bond, it is best to communicate with him before Virat departs.

Upon returning home, Virat discovers his family members engaged in a discussion about Sai’s visit to their house. Virat probes further, asking if Sai had indeed come there. Bhavani confirms her presence and questions Virat’s choice of words. Virat mentions that he saw her at the airport as well. Bhavani advises him to keep his distance from Sai. Ashwini, sensing Sai’s intention to confess her love, fervently prays for their union. In the midst of this, Virat decides to call Sai to inquire about her visit. Meanwhile, Sheetal urges Satya to contact Sai, informing him that everything is ready. Satya places the call, and upon answering, Sai urges him to speak. Satya reveals his deteriorating health condition and implores her to come to the hospital promptly. Sai agrees, informs Usha about the situation, and hastily rushes to the hospital. In the meantime, Virat dials Sai’s number once again, intent on speaking with her. Upon answering the call, Sai informs him about Satya’s illness and her impending visit to the hospital, postponing their conversation. Virat resolves to meet Sai at the hospital.

[Episode End]

Precap : In a stunning turn of events, Satya finds the courage to express his deep affection for Sai. The heartfelt confession leaves Sai visibly moved, while Virat stands nearby, utterly shocked by what he has just witnessed.

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