Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene commences with Sai offering Mango Mastani to Satya and urging her to try it. After tasting it, Satya expresses her liking for it. Her family members, who had witnessed her trying Mango Mastani for the first time since Girija’s demise, are taken aback. They speculate that Satya may get closer to Sai. Despite Bhavani’s curse that their relationship wouldn’t endure, Amba pledges to ensure their contentment and assist them in moving forward with their lives. Amba, too, savors the Mango Mastani and experiences joy.

Vinu is seen weeping uncontrollably as he clutches a photo of Pakhi. Karishma and other family members arrive, bringing Vinu’s favorite food and urging him to eat. However, Vinu refuses their offer and asks them to leave him alone. Meanwhile, Satya puts Savi to bed and tells her a bedtime story. When Sai arrives, she notes that it is the first time Savi has fallen asleep to someone else’s story. Amba also comes by and presents Sai with a gift for her “Pehli rasoi” (first cooking ceremony). She announces that she will take Savi to her room so they can start building their family. Satya, however, protests, saying that they have only just gotten married and Savi should stay put. Amba eventually agrees to let Savi stay and Satya tells Sai that they will have to endure this teasing for a little while longer.

Vinu reaches out to Sai over the phone and reveals that his mother has abandoned him. He expresses disappointment, citing Sai’s previous assurances that she would prevent his family from falling apart. Vinu then asks Sai to meet him in person. Sai promises to meet him and reassure him. Satya intervenes and offers to accompany her to Vinu’s location. Despite Amba’s attempts to halt their departure, they leave promptly. As they leave, Amba ponders their destination, while Taji remarks that they should be allowed to live their lives.

Satya drops Sai off, offering to accompany her inside. However, Sai politely declines, insisting that she can manage on her own, and requests that he return home. Upon arriving home, Virat and Mohit inform the family that they were unable to locate Pakhi. Ninad questions why Pakhi departed so abruptly, while Ashwini inquires about Virat’s interaction with Pakhi. Virat confesses that he asked Pakhi to leave him alone while he was inebriated and did not anticipate her departure. Just as they are discussing the matter, they hear the sound of a doorbell. Ashwini urges Virat to answer the door, believing it may be Pakhi. However, to everyone’s surprise, Sai appears at the door, explaining that Vinu had called her to meet him. Virat orders Sai to leave and does not allow her to enter the house. However, Ashwini insists that she be permitted inside. Despite Virat’s protests, Sai persists, refusing to leave until she can see Vinu. Eventually, Vinu arrives and summons the doctor. Sai enters the house, and Vinu embraces her.

Upon returning home, Satya is greeted by Gauri and Maddy, who tease him about Sai’s whereabouts. Satya explains that Sai will be staying at the Chavan household for the time being, as her son’s health has been affected due to his mother’s sudden departure. Amba is displeased by this news and causes a commotion, demanding that Satya convince Sai to limit her visits to the Chavan residence. She warns that if Sai continues to frequent their home frequently, they will have no choice but to leave Nagpur.

Vinu expresses his distress to Sai about how his mother could leave him. Sai offers him some food, but Vinu refuses to eat until his mother returns. Sai reassures him, explaining that his mother is likely hiding somewhere out of anger and will return once her anger has subsided. Sai assures Vinu that Pakhi cannot stay away from him. Vinu asks Sai if she is certain about this, to which Sai confidently responds and persuades him to eat his food. Vinu then asks Sai to search for his mother and bring her back to him. Sai agrees to his request. Meanwhile, Virat and his family observe Sai feeding Vinu his meal. [Episode End]

Precap : Sai is about to leave the Chavan nivas. Virat asks her to stop calling her Mrs.Adhikari. Virat says to Sai that you’re married to Satya so please never come to my place. Virat and Sai get into conflict. Virat says he will take care of Vinu. Sai rebukes him.

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