Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the Inspector informing Virat that he is being released from custody and all charges against him have been dropped. Perplexed, Virat inquires about the reason behind this sudden turn of events and questions whether the complaint has been retracted. Kadam elucidates that Sai provided concrete evidence of his innocence through CCTV footage. Ashwini, Ninad, and Bhavani breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing the news. Exiting the police station, they spot Sai standing there. Filled with gratitude, Ashwini and Ninad express their thanks to Sai for standing up for Virat despite the difficulties she faced in her marital home. Sai humbly requests them not to express their gratitude. Virat makes a comment about Sai, but she chooses to leave without responding. Bhavani voices her concern to Ashwini, suggesting that although they are grateful to Sai now, there may come a day when Sai becomes the reason for Virat’s downfall. Ashwini shares her worries for Sai, considering the fact that she is caught between two households. Bhavani predicts that Sai’s dual loyalties might eventually lead her to lose everyone she cares about.

As Sai returns home, she inquires about Satya’s whereabouts. Satya’s family proceeds to criticize Sai for choosing Virat over Satya. Gauri remarks on Sai’s absence when Satya was being discharged from the hospital. Amba reveals that Kadam informed them about the drink and drive case being filed against Satya. Puzzled, Sai questions how she is to blame for the situation. Amba urges Satya to stop protecting Sai, asserting that Sai does not view their relationship in the same light as Satya does. Sai and Satya exchange glances, silently processing the conversation.

Later, Sai attempts to give medicine to Satya, who assures her that he will take it and requests her not to worry. Reflecting on Satya’s support despite his own emotional turmoil, Sai acknowledges that Satya must be upset seeing his mother in distress. Satya, however, advises her not to overcompensate, reminding her that his mother is not present, and she doesn’t need to pretend. Sai then assists Satya in putting on a shirt, urging him not to direct his anger towards her and encouraging him to let go of his frustration. Satya lightens the mood by cracking a joke and takes his tablets.

The following day, Satya finds solace in his mother’s recipe book as he prepares food. Sai approaches him and inquires about his culinary endeavor. Satya discloses that he is making his mother’s favorite dish, using her recipe to uplift their spirits, and asks for Sai’s assistance. Later, Amba partakes in the breakfast and expresses her approval, remarking that it tastes good. Satya and Sai find joy in her words. Meanwhile, Maddy reads an article about their performance in the newspaper, which elates everyone. Satya playfully requests their autographs after they finish their meal. Amba takes hold of the newspaper and discovers Vijayendra’s article, prompting her to retreat to her room with the paper in hand.

Amba discovers that Vijayendra has been appointed as the new commissioner of Nagpur. Upon seeing his past photos, she hopes that Satya, her husband, won’t have a chance encounter with him. Vijayendra reaches out to Sai, and receiving his call fills her with joy. During the conversation, Vijayendra reveals his new position and expresses his intention to meet Sai and her husband soon. Sai agrees to the meeting.

In a parallel scene, Virat has a dream similar to Amba’s. Vinu wakes him up and inquires about the dream. Virat responds that it is a dream that can never come true. Vinu requests Virat to take him to Sai’s house, but Virat suggests going with Mohit instead. Ashwini appears and sends Vinu away, attempting to offer advice to Virat. However, he disregards her counsel.

Savi and Vinu playfully tease Satya, and when Sai arrives, they show her the new hairstyle they have given him. Sai smiles at the sight. She sends the children to have puran poli and mischievously suggests to Satya that he should keep the same hairstyle. Satya pretends to be upset, but Sai’s playful gaze and touch bring happiness to him. She holds his hand and inquires about his well-being, to which Satya responds by admiring her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sai lovingly serves breakfast to Savi, who gazes at the wedding photo of Sai and Virat. Curiosity piqued, Savi inquires why she wasn’t invited to their wedding. Sai responds, “At that time, we hadn’t crossed paths.” Savi, observing their love, suggests, “Since you two are still in love, it would be wonderful if you reunited with Virat.”

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