Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Savi informing Virat and Sai that nefarious individuals are discussing plans to bomb Virat’s jeep on Shivaji Road as their first target. Virat and Sai are taken aback by this revelation. Worried for his safety, Savi expresses her concern. However, Virat reassures her, stating that nothing will happen to him. He urges her to recollect any details about the tempo. Savi recalls and shares the information she remembers. Without wasting any time, Virat contacts Kadam and instructs him to alert the police to catch the tempo. He then requests Sai to take Savi back home. Savi informs Virat that they are also devising Plan B and recites a poem that Bheema used. Appreciating Savi’s assistance, Virat thanks her for acting as a valuable ally. He advises them both to go home.

Meanwhile, Satya anxiously awaits the arrival of Savi and Sai. As they return home, Savi embraces Satya. Expressing his disappointment, Satya explains to Savi that her actions were wrong and urges her never to repeat them. Sai sternly warns Savi that if she makes the same mistake again, she will have to leave their lives. Overwhelmed with tears, Savi suggests that such incidents might never occur if her parents had stayed together, questioning why they didn’t live in one place. Sai escorts Savi inside the house, while Satya resolves to shield Savi from facing the same challenges he once encountered. Determined to bring Sai and Virat together, he sets his mind on uniting them.

The following day, Virat and his team initiated the process of transferring Ramakant to another prison. Bheema and his men strategically planted a landmine on the road. Virat instructed Mohite to join him in his jeep, but Mohite expressed concerns about Ramakant’s dangerous nature and opted to accompany him in the vehicle transporting Ramakant instead. Agreeing to Mohite’s request, Virat acquiesced. Mohite sent a message to Bheema, informing him that they were en route. However, after some time, Mohite realized he had lost network connectivity.

Bheema and his men unwittingly fell into Virat’s trap, and the police team engaged in a shootout with Ramakant’s accomplices. While Bheema managed to escape, Mohite observed their route and deduced that they were not heading towards Shivaji Road. Virat successfully completed the transfer of Ramakant to another correctional facility, taunting him for underestimating the police force. He ordered his team to apprehend Mohite and informed him that his mobile phone had lost connectivity due to a jammer.

When questioned by the media, Virat credited the failure of Ramakant’s associates’ plan to the intelligence they had acquired. The media inquired about the source of the information, and Virat disclosed how his daughter had assisted him. Watching the news, Sai and Satya’s family expressed their pride in Savi. Savi contacted Virat, expressing her desire to become a police officer like him. Virat spoke to Sai, requesting that Savi hand over the phone. Sai complied, and Virat assured her that he had no objection if she took Savi to Germany. Grateful for his understanding, Sai expressed her gratitude, while Bhavani overheard their conversation and questioned Virat. In response, Virat challenged Bhavani, highlighting how Sai was upset by her manipulative actions. Bhavani justified her behavior, claiming it was done for Virat’s sake since he could not bear to be away from Savi for too long. Ashwini implored Bhavani to allow Virat and Sai to make their own life decisions.

Later, Satya arrived at the station to meet Virat. Virat inquired if Sai had accompanied him, to which Satya replied that he had come alone. Virat expressed that he would have visited Satya if he had received a call. Satya assured him that it was not necessary. He congratulated Virat on the success of his mission and urged him to reconcile with Sai for the well-being of their children.

[Episode End]

Precap : During a video call, Satya expressed to Virat his newfound understanding that Virat and Sai are truly meant for each other, prompting him to acknowledge that it’s time for him to step aside and let them lead their lives together. Virat responded by recounting how Sai had rejected his proposal before, implying that she may not have changed her mind. Just then, Sai joined the conversation and shared her perspective with both Virat and Satya, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing responsibilities over love. She expressed that she had learned this valuable lesson from Virat himself.

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