Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Sai explaining to Vijendra that undergoing surgery is imperative to save his life. However, Vijendra remains resolute in his decision and informs Sai that he won’t change his mind. Curious, Sai asks Vijendra about the person for whom he is willing to risk his life. Vijendra suspects that she has initiated an investigation and questions whether she has found the person. Sai implores him to disclose the name of his beloved, to which Vijendra responds, “Her name is Amba, and I don’t want to forget the precious moments we shared.” Just then, Vijendra receives an urgent phone call and informs Sai that he must attend an important meeting before abruptly leaving.

Near the school premises, Savi and Vinu joyfully embrace Sai. Spotting Virat, they approach him, and he instructs Vinu and Savi to get into the car. He approaches Sai and reassures her, explaining that convincing Vijendra to undergo surgery is impossible until they uncover the identity of his love interest. Virat mentions their lack of knowledge regarding her name. However, Sai surprises him by revealing that Amba is the person Vijendra loves, further disclosing her own promise to Amba to keep this truth hidden from Vijendra. Virat becomes overwhelmed by Vijendra’s profound love for Amba. Sai confesses that Vijendra betrayed Amba’s trust, causing her to avoid meeting him again to avoid experiencing another heartbreak. Both Virat and Sai find themselves reflecting on their own complicated situations.

Savi arrived home and embraced Satya warmly. Satya questioned why she was late and whether she was hungry. Savi replied that she was indeed hungry, but her parents’ conversation had not concluded, so she had played with Vinu instead. Satya, filled with anger, stormed off, and Sai followed him. Savi requested some food from Amba, who advised her to freshen up. Sai approached Satya and inquired about his abrupt departure. Satya demanded that she share the details she had shared with Virat. Sai retorted that he had no right to question her and accused him of hiding things as well. Satya expressed his frustration, claiming that she no longer treated him like a friend, let alone a possessive husband. He then left the scene.

Amba questioned Sai about her silence in response to Satya’s inquiries. Sai explained that she had talked to Virat about Viju Kaka. She disclosed to Amba that Viju was suffering from a brain tumor and was refusing surgery because he didn’t want to lose the memories of Amba. Amba was taken aback by the revelation. Sai offered her support and suggested that Amba meet Vijendra to persuade him to undergo surgery and resolve their differences. Amba wondered how she could meet him again.

Sai contemplated her next course of action. She called Virat and informed him that Amba had rejected her request and she didn’t know how to save Vijendra. Virat encouraged Sai not to lose hope and requested more time to talk to the commissioner. Sai expressed her guilt for concealing the truth from Satya about Vijendra being his father and his brain tumor. Virat consoled her, and after ending the call, Sai turned around only to be shocked by the sight of Satya standing in front of her, frozen in disbelief.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ashwini pleads with Sai to intervene and prevent Virat from proceeding with his transfer. She firmly believes that Sai and Virat are destined to be together, and therefore, only Sai possesses the power to halt his departure. As Sai turns around, she catches sight of Satya standing nearby.

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