Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Virat expressing his desire to confide in Sai. Curiously, Sai encourages him to share what’s on his mind. Virat urges Sai to stay with Satya and reveals that Satya loves her deeply and considers her his top priority. He explains that Satya wants them to reconcile, but he believes it’s impossible. Sai questions why Virat is speaking in such a manner. Virat discloses that he cannot survive the upcoming operation because the terrorists will not permit him to leave alive.

Sai implores Virat to avoid talking like that. Concerned about his safety, she highlights the presence of hijackers armed with guns and bombs. Seeking assurance, Sai checks on the pilot who confirms that the terrorists will not let them go due to the explosives they possess. Sensing an opportunity, Sai discreetly loosens Virat’s restraints. However, a hijacker notices their actions and swiftly escorts Sai and the pilot away.

Meanwhile, Geethanjali cautions Sampath to exercise caution in all matters. She instructs the pilot to contact higher-ranking officials. Together, they head to the cockpit and make a call to the Commissioner. Geethanjali issues an ultimatum to the Commissioner, demanding to speak with Ramakant, or else she will harm all the passengers. The Commissioner, in turn, appeals to her to refrain from causing harm to anyone and arranges for her to speak with Ramakant.

Ramakant reassures his wife that they will be able to have dinner together. The commissioner then instructs Geetanjali to release all the hostages, promising that they will release Ramakant in return. However, Geetanjali responds by saying that she will release all the passengers except Virat and his family. In response, the commissioner declares that he will not release Ramakant unless Virat’s family and the passengers are also set free. Geetanjali pleads with him not to risk the passengers’ lives for the sake of Virat’s family. Meanwhile, Virat manages to free his hands.

Feeling underestimated, Geetanjali confides in her associates, instructing Bheema to send the bodies of the flight staff as a morbid gift. The commissioner waits for a signal from Virat to commence the operation. Geetanjali addresses the hostages, highlighting that the commissioner is prioritizing the well-being of the DCP and his family over their lives by refusing to meet her demands. The passengers implore Geetanjali not to punish them and suggest that the Chavan family be held accountable instead. However, Bhavani defends the Chavans, stating that they have not committed any wrongdoing.

In the next sequence, Bheema and his accomplice dispose of an Air Marshal’s body. Witnessing this, the commissioner decides to release Ramakant and contacts Geetanjali, informing her of his agreement. Geetanjali then insists that the snipers be removed from their positions. Meanwhile, Virat obtains Sai’s phone and contemplates whether she still uses their marriage anniversary date as her password. Geetanjali informs the hostages that they will be releasing everyone except the Chavan family. Ninad expresses his remorse to Ashwini for not supporting her all these years, but Ashwini reassures him that they will be safe. Savi assures them that their family will remain unharmed.

Virat successfully unlocks Sai’s phone using their wedding anniversary date as the password. He quickly sends a message to his team, outlining his plan and instructing them to call the bomb squad. Just as he does so, the hijacker arrives and aims a gun at Virat’s head.

[Episode End]

Precap : Virat implores the terrorists to disclose Sai’s whereabouts. In response, one of the terrorists cryptically reveals that Sai, Virat’s love, is eagerly anticipating his arrival. Driven by concern, Virat embarks on a frantic search for Sai, only to discover her seated, her demeanor subdued, donning a perilous bomb jacket.

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