Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Satya’s unsuccessful attempt to retrieve a water glass. Despite his efforts, he finds himself unable to grasp it. Seeking assistance, he calls out to Sai and Maddy, but unfortunately, they do not respond to his plea for help. Determined to reach the glass, Satya’s grasp falters, causing it to slip from his hand and shatter into pieces. Frustrated, he calls out to Sai once more.

Responding to Satya’s distress, Sai promptly arrives at the scene and lends a helping hand. Curious about her delay in response, Satya questions Sai about her actions and why she did not acknowledge his initial call for assistance. In response, Sai explains that she was occupied with preparing a smoothie for him, and amidst the noise of the blender, she couldn’t hear his voice. She assures Satya that she is always there to support him and urges him not to become angered as it may negatively affect his well-being. Sai encourages Satya to reach out to her whenever he requires assistance, to which Satya agrees.

Shortly thereafter, Amba returns home, and upon seeing Satya, she embraces him warmly. Expressing her concern, she reveals that she couldn’t bear to be away, aware of his condition. She anxiously inquires about Satya’s well-being and seeks reassurance from Sai regarding his recovery. Venting his frustration, Satya expresses his pent-up emotions. Sensing the need for a private conversation, Sai discreetly pulls Amba aside and emphasizes the importance of their unwavering support for Satya. She reminds Amba that their worry should not weaken him and pledges to Amba that she will tirelessly strive to help Satya regain his strength and stand on his feet again. Amba, understanding the significance of their commitment, earnestly requests Sai’s assurance in making Satya’s recovery a reality, to which Sai wholeheartedly gives her word.

Virat arrives with Vinu to meet Satya, who poses as a doctor and examines him. Concerned, Virat asks Satya how he’s feeling, and Satya responds with a comment. Vinu suggests that Satya can feel better by playing a video game with him. Satya agrees and instructs Virat to go and meet Savi instead. Satya mentions needing to use the washroom, and despite Virat’s offer to help, Satya insists that he doesn’t want Virat to try to prove himself better than him in front of Sai. Sai defends Virat, trying to explain that Satya is misunderstanding him, but Satya, frustrated, dismisses them and asks them to leave. Reluctantly, they comply.

Outside, Sai intercepts Virat and asks him not to misinterpret Satya’s actions. Virat understands Satya’s fear based on his own observation of Pakhi’s fear. Virat and Vinu depart from the scene. Sai ponders that she wanted to express her immense love for Virat, but the circumstances are not favorable. Amba urges Sai to inform Virat not to visit as Satya becomes anxious in his presence. Sai defends Virat, stating that he is not at fault. Amba explains that they need to keep Satya’s spirits high for a speedy recovery and asks Sai to stay away from Virat, as Satya may feel disheartened otherwise.

Ashwini questions Virat about Satya’s potential recovery. Virat admits it’s difficult to determine. Bhavani asks Ashwini why she’s so concerned about Satya. Ashwini realizes that Virat’s happiness is contingent on Satya’s well-being. Vinu arrives and informs Virat that he needs to accompany Sai to the hospital for another report. Virat suggests it’s best not to disturb Sai and volunteers to go with Vinu instead.

In the kitchen, Ninad notices Ashwini’s preoccupation and inquires about it. Ashwini confesses that she previously asked Sai to leave Virat’s life, but now she has asked her to return. Ninad reminds her that Sai is married and that her marriage is not a trivial matter. He questions why Ashwini is more worried after learning about Satya’s condition. Ashwini explains that she’s concerned because Satya’s condition could separate Sai from Virat. Ninad believes that Sai cannot return to Virat’s life and advises against harboring such hope.

Sai contemplates whether Virat has faced similar challenges in the past. The following day, Sai massages Satya’s feet. Satya apologizes to Sai for his rude behavior towards everyone the previous day. Sai forgives him, and Satya wonders why he acted that way. Sai encourages Satya to maintain his willpower and positivity. Satya agrees, acknowledging that he feels better when she is by his side.

[Episode End]

Precap : During a video call, Satya expresses to Virat that he believes Virat and Sai are truly meant to be together. Satya goes on to mention that he is willing to step aside and facilitate their reunion. However, Virat dismisses the idea, stating that it’s unlikely to happen and that Sai won’t agree to it. Just as the conversation unfolds, Sai enters the room and emphasizes that her sense of responsibility takes precedence over romantic love. She credits Virat for teaching her this valuable lesson.

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