Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Bhavani inquiring from Ashwini and Harini why Savi had gone to college without heeding her instructions. Ninad advises Bhavani to remain calm, as it is Ekadasi today and his birthday. Bhavani asserts that Ninad is spoiling Savi by indulging her. However, Ninad opines that it is beneficial if Savi accomplishes her aspiration of becoming an IAS officer, as it could improve their impoverished lives. Bhavani counters by claiming that Savi’s achievements, being a girl, will not bring about any change and insists on marrying her off. Ninad becomes disheartened. Ashwini implores Bhavani not to hurt Ninad on his birthday. Bhavani offers him a sweet and informs him that Savi did not remain at home on his special day. Ninad expresses his belief that Savi will return soon, as she wouldn’t forget his birthday.

Savi arrives home carrying candy floss and calls out to Ninad. She discerns that the atmosphere in the house is not favorable towards her. Bhavani interrogates Savi about her college visit despite her instructions to stay at home. Savi explains that she had only gone for a short while. Bhavani retorts that she is not a fool. Savi questions if studying is a crime. Bhavani remarks that an educated Sai had entered their house and ruined it, and she does not want Savi to become like her mother. She asserts that Savi will indeed become an IAS officer, and nobody can prevent her from achieving her dream. Bhavani slaps Savi, leaving everyone shocked, before leaving the room.

Savi changes the TV channels to gain attention. Bhavani requests Savi to lower the volume. Savi derives satisfaction from troubling her and Ninad intervenes, urging her to reduce the volume. Savi complies and decreases the volume.

Peon urges Reva to attend an interview for Ph.D. admission. Reva agrees and arrives for the interview, only to discover that Ishaan is the one conducting it. She is instantly impressed by him and decides to check his Facebook profile, subsequently sending him a friend request. To her surprise, Reva realizes that her actions are being displayed on a large screen, prompting Ishaan to comment on it. Reva admits that she wasn’t aware of the connection to the big screen. Meanwhile, Ishaan examines her mark sheets and attachments, confirming her admission. Grateful for his support, Reva expresses her joy at becoming a part of a prestigious institution. As Reva prepares to leave, Ishaan casually mentions that he feels the same way. With a smile, Reva departs.

In another scenario, Ashwini encourages Savi to let go of her anger and persuades her to have a meal. Savi inquires about the whereabouts of her grandparents, leading Bhavani to slap her. Ashwini acknowledges that Bhavani’s actions are not entirely unfounded. However, Savi confides that she has no intention of getting married and requests Ashwini to convey this to Bhavani. Worried that Bhavani might exacerbate the situation, Ashwini advises Savi to approach the matter cautiously. At that moment, Ninad enters the scene and feeds Savi. In return, Savi presents him with candy floss as a birthday gift. Spotting the candy floss, Ninad inquires about Sai’s presence and asks where both Sai and Virat are. Overwhelmed by their absence, Ninad becomes agitated. Savi consoles him, explaining that Sai and Virat are occupied with their work. The emotional scene brings tears to the eyes of the family members, witnessing Ninad’s fragile state.

[Episode End]

Precap : Savi receives the exciting news that the debate date has been officially confirmed. Moreover, she learns that if she emerges victorious in the competition, she will be awarded a scholarship from Bhosle Institute. In the meantime, Santa contacts Bhavani over a phone call to share delightful news. Santa reveals that she has found an ideal match for Bhavani’s granddaughter and they are eagerly planning to visit and meet Savi.

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