Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Harini informing Bhavani that she followed her instructions and sent a message to Santa Bai. However, Bhavani struggles to read the message clearly. Harini takes the initiative to read it aloud. Meanwhile, Ashwini overhears the conversation and questions Bhavani’s decision to offer extra money to Santa Bai, reminding her that they are currently unable to afford medication for Ninad. Bhavani assures her that she will find a way to manage it. Ashwini suggests that their circumstances might not be so dire if Omkar and Sonali had not betrayed them. Bhavani sternly instructs Ashwini not to mention them and diverts the conversation to Savi and Ninad’s discussion.

Savi hands over the prescribed medication to Ninad, who initially refuses to take it. However, Savi persuades him to comply. Ashwini asks Harini if she had purchased the medicines, to which Harini responds that Savi had taken care of it. Savi explains that she resorted to selling her college notes in order to acquire the necessary funds for the medication. Ashwini commends Savi for her resourcefulness. Savi expresses her determination to obtain more expensive medicines once she establishes herself in her career, emphasizing that there should be no disparity between the opportunities available to males and females. Bhavani interjects, asserting that they do not require Savi’s money, and declares her intention to find a suitable match for Savi through marriage. Savi reminds Bhavani of the fact that Harini’s happiness was taken away after her marriage. Just as Savi prepares to leave the house, she receives a phone call. Bhavani inquires if she is going to meet Aditi and makes a comment about it. Savi clarifies that she has left her glasses at the repair shop and is going to retrieve them.

Savi paid a visit to Eisha’s place, where she found Eisha conducting classes for married women. Savi warmly greeted everyone and received a hug from Eisha. After the class ended, the attendees dispersed, and Savi presented a money plant to Eisha, who expressed her delight as it was her favorite. Eisha then shared some exciting news with Savi. She revealed that the date for the final debate competition had been announced and it was scheduled for tomorrow in Nagpur. Savi’s excitement grew upon hearing this, and Eisha informed her that winning the debate competition could earn her a scholarship from the prestigious Bhosle Institute. Determined, Savi declared her intention to emerge victorious. Eisha requested Savi to arrive on time for the competition.

Meanwhile, Santa Bhai called Bhavani and informed her that Guy’s family was highly impressed with Savi and would be visiting the following day to see her. Bhavani warmly welcomed their visit and assured Santa Bai that Savi would not repeat her past mistakes. Santa Bai emphasized the importance of ensuring a smooth meeting. Bhavani assured her that everything would be fine.

Before leaving, Eisha advised Savi to seek Bhavani’s permission and ensure she arrived on time for the debate competition. Savi assured Eisha that regardless of the circumstances, she would make it on time as it was her dream to study at the Bhosle Institute.

Elsewhere, Ishaan inquired about the progress of the building work from Sawant. Sawant informed him that it would take two months to complete. However, Ishaan urged him to expedite the process by hiring more workers and completing it within a month. Sawant mentioned the issue they were facing with their Mumbai college land. Realizing the importance of his father’s dream, Ishaan stressed the need to resolve the problem promptly. Sawant also mentioned the complaints from students due to the unfinished syllabus, leaving Ishaan shocked.

Upon returning home, Savi handed a pair of spectacles to Bhavani. Curious about Savi’s tardiness, Bhavani questioned her if she had gone to meet Eisha. Savi fibbed and denied it. She mischievously teased Bhavani by not immediately handing over her phone, but Bhavani scolded her. Savi then handed the phone to Bhavani and left the room. As Bhavani glanced at the groom’s photo, Savi’s eyes lingered on it for a moment.

Meanwhile, Ishaan noticed a baby on the verge of falling from a chair due to the mother’s negligence. He swiftly intervened and saved the baby from hitting the floor. The grateful mother expressed her gratitude towards Ishaan. Frustrated by the incident, Ishaan reprimanded the lady for her carelessness. Rishu, trying to console Ishaan, understood the reason behind his intense reaction. Ishaan confessed that he couldn’t bear to see any mother neglecting their child. Rishu reminded him not to dwell on the person who had abandoned him in the past and assured him of their support. Back at home, Bhavani shared the groom’s photo with other family members, who unanimously approved of him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Savi inquires discreetly from Bhavani about the person whose photo she is surreptitiously displaying. Bhavani firmly asserts that she never engages in any covert activities and proceeds to exhibit the photograph of the groom to Savi. Bhavani also informs Savi that the groom and his family are scheduled to visit her the following day. In a separate conversation, Reva expresses her fondness for the college to her father.

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