Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Amba confronting Sai, questioning whether she has any sense of shame. Sai calmly responds to Amba, stating that she has misunderstood the situation. Suddenly, the police arrive to arrest Virat. Surprised, Sai inquires about who called them. Amba reveals that she took the initiative and filed a case against Virat because he failed to acknowledge her presence when she arrived home. Sai, concerned, speaks to the inspector and highlights that Virat is the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Nagpur. The inspector acknowledges this fact but explains that they must proceed with the arrest since a complaint has been lodged against him. Sensing the injustice, Sai urges Amba to refrain from accusing Virat without knowing the complete truth. However, Amba remains stubborn and refuses to listen. Realizing the severity of the situation, Sai pleads with the inspector, emphasizing that they cannot arrest the unconscious DCP. Despite Sai’s plea, the inspector asserts their authority and proceeds to take Virat away.

Maddy dials Sai’s number and relays the news that Satya has regained consciousness. Amba’s face lights up with joy upon hearing the update. Without wasting a moment, they hasten to the hospital, driven by a sense of urgency. During the journey, Sai informs the Chavans about Virat’s arrest. Eventually, they arrive at the hospital, and Sai approaches the doctor to inquire about Satya’s condition. The doctor reassures her that Satya is now out of danger.

Concerned about the events that unfolded between Satya and Virat, Sai urges Satya to recollect what had transpired. Confused, Satya questions Sai’s persistence in probing his memory. Sai explains that Amba has filed a case against Virat and implores Satya to persuade his mother to retract the accusations. However, Satya protests, stating that he has no recollection of the incident and cannot place his trust in Virat. Therefore, he refuses to discuss the matter with his mother. Unwavering in her belief in Virat’s innocence, Sai insists that she trusts him and vows to prove it.

Just then, Amba arrives at the hospital and confronts Sai, suggesting that if she truly cares about her ex-husband, she should go to Virat instead. Sai responds by assuring Amba that Satya is now stable, and she will definitely go to the police station to establish Virat’s innocence. Before departing, Sai informs Satya about the timings for his medication and rushes off to the police station, determined to clear Virat’s name.

Ninad, Ashwini, and Bhavani approach Virat, urging him to recall the events that took place. However, Virat expresses his inability to remember anything. Just then, Sai arrives and expresses her intention to speak with Virat. Despite her efforts, Virat reiterates his memory loss. Intrigued by the situation, Bhavani confronts Sai, questioning her motives and accusing her and Amba of seeking revenge against Virat. Sai remains resolute, assuring them that she will uncover the truth and prove Virat’s innocence. Unconvinced, Bhavani dismisses Sai’s words and instructs her to leave, which Sai obliges.

Determined to find evidence, Sai ventures to the location of the accident and begins her search. She soon discovers a CCTV camera positioned near the site and approaches the watchman stationed at an ATM nearby. Sai requests access to the CCTV footage, but the watchman refuses, stating that he can only comply if the police make the request. Realizing the importance of the situation, Sai contacts Kadam and informs him of her location, urging him to join her.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs Satya that he is being discharged and advises him to rest well. Satya anxiously awaits Sai’s arrival, while Amba prompts Gauri to call Sai. However, Sai remains engrossed in examining the CCTV footage and unintentionally overlooks the incoming call. Amba comments on this oversight. Observing Virat’s presence with Satya in the footage, Sai notices that Virat exits the vehicle before the accident occurs. Recognizing the significance of this revelation, she points it out to Kadam, who promptly departs to inform the inspector.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sai lovingly feeds food to Savi, who curiously questions why she wasn’t invited to Sai’s wedding with Virat. Sai responds, “I didn’t have the chance to meet you back then.” Savi, aware of Sai and Virat’s affection for each other, suggests, “Since you both love each other, it would be wonderful if you rekindled your relationship with Virat.”

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