Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sai skillfully aiming her guns at the hijackers, compelling them to relinquish their weapons. Meanwhile, Virat engages in a dangerous altercation with Bheema, attempting to strangle him. Geethanjali, perceiving that Virat will overpower the hijackers with Sai’s assistance, intervenes by holding Savi hostage at gunpoint. Sai and Virat plead with Geethanjali to release their daughter from harm’s way. It is revealed that Geethanjali is actually Ramakant’s wife, confirming Virat’s suspicion. Bheema discloses that Geethanjali is the mastermind behind the hijacking plot. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sai weeps for Savi’s safety.

In a brave attempt to escape, Savi bites Geethanjali’s hand, enabling her to break free. In the chaos that ensues, Geethanjali fires a shot, causing apprehension among everyone present. Thankfully, it becomes apparent that the bullet hit someone other than Savi, and a sense of relief washes over the group. Tragically, they discover that the bullet claimed the life of another woman. Sai rushes to examine the lady and confirms her untimely demise. The Commissioner, observing the entire incident through a surveillance camera, resolves to take action.

Geethanjali instructs her men to dispose of the deceased woman’s body, intending to send a signal to the police for Ramakant’s release. Aware of the imminent danger, the sniper team informs the Commissioner of their preparedness. However, the Commissioner advises them to withhold any gunfire until they receive a signal from Virat. Geethanjali orders her team to separate Sai and Virat, placing them in different locations. As a scuffle ensues between Virat and the hijackers, the spy camera abruptly loses connection. The hijackers take advantage of the situation, rendering Virat unconscious and binding him to a seat in the business class section.

Sai recounts an inspiring tale of a warrior girl to Savi, revealing that she herself is a warrior girl. She encourages Savi never to succumb to fear and to persist until victory is achieved in any situation. As the doctor examines Lady’s body, they inform the Commissioner that Lady had died even before being shot. The Commissioner asserts that the hijackers are attempting to intimidate them and expresses hope that Virat will send a signal. Otherwise, they will have to enter the plane. Curious, Savi asks Sai how she can protect everyone like a warrior girl. In response, Sai suggests that Savi become a collector, to which Savi agrees.

Amidst the chaos, the pilot experiences a panic attack. Bheema suspects him of feigning it and threatens to shoot unless he stops. Geethanjali intervenes, urging Bheema not to harm the pilot and highlighting their need for him to escape with Ramakant. She implores Sai to help him, but Sai initially refuses. However, at Savi’s request, Sai agrees to assist. Sai examines the pilot and informs Geethanjali that he is indeed having a panic attack. She suggests that the hijackers take him to the business class for treatment since he is afraid of them and treating him in their presence may hinder the process. Initially resistant, Geethanjali eventually relents, and the hijackers escort the pilot to the business class. Sai insists that she be left alone with the pilot. After treating him, Virat inquires about Savi’s well-being. Sai assures him that she is fine. While attempting to remove Virat’s rope, he interrupts her, expressing his desire to tell her something important.

[Episode End]

Precap : Virat expresses to Sai that he cannot survive beyond this operation since these individuals would abandon everyone, except for him. He urges her to depart from this place with our children and Satya, without waiting for him. In response, Sai firmly declares that she will not depart from his side, no matter what happens.

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