Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

On Vinu’s birthday, Sai presents him with a gold chain adorned with a locket of a deity, and prays for Vinu’s lifelong happiness. Vinu expresses his gratitude. Soon after, Satya offers his gift, which Vinu appreciates and thanks him for attending the celebration. Satya remarks that he couldn’t miss the junior doctor’s birthday and requests Savi to present her gift to Vinu. Savi offers a handmade card, which Vinu finds special and promises to cherish. The Chavans appear displeased at Satya’s presence, but Ninad remarks that Vinu is happy upon Savi’s arrival. Harini suggests starting the party, and Bhavani urges her to prompt Vinu to cut the cake and send Satya away. Virat proposes playing games until Pakhi arrives, and Harini agrees, announcing a game and its rules.

Vinu inquires of Virat why Pakhi’s mother has not arrived yet. Virat responds by saying that she is on her way and suggests they play the game as partners. However, Vinu declines the offer and stands there looking sad. Savi urges him to cheer up and play the game with her as a partner. After some persuasion, Vinu agrees to play with Savi. Harini announces the names of the other participants and the partners exchange rings and pass them around until the music stops.

Meanwhile, Virat becomes jealous upon seeing Sai and Satya playing the game together. He calls Inspector Kadam to inquire about Pakhi’s whereabouts, but Kadam informs him that he has no information yet. Bhavani comments that Sai is shameless to come here with Satya. However, Ninad defends Sai, saying that she should be able to see happiness on Vinu’s face.

As Sai and Satya play the game, they become uncomfortable when Sai’s mangalsutra gets caught on Satya’s shirt button. This incident reminds Virat of a similar moment with Sai, which makes him even more jealous.

Satya’s colleagues arrive at his residence and are welcomed by Alka, Amba, and Gowri. Sai and Satya emerge victorious in the game and are congratulated by Vinu and Savi, who embrace them. Bhavani taunts Virat, reminding him of his prior claim that his children would never leave him. She asserts that children tend to prefer staying with their mother and consider the man their father with whom their mother resides. Virat asks if Bhavani wants him to kick Satya out of the house. Amba reminds Satya that his colleagues have already arrived as it is 8 p.m. Vinu approaches Virat and inquires about his mother’s whereabouts. Virat speculates that she is on her way and asks if the birthday boy will dance or cut the cake. Vinu refuses to do so until his mother arrives, causing Virat to sit sullenly. Sai expresses doubt that Pakhi will come and suggests that Virat should tell the truth to Vinu. Virat responds that he cannot fulfill his promise made to his son. Sai proposes to prevent Vinu from holding onto false hope. Virat becomes angry, accusing Sai of taking the opportunity to demean him in front of his son. Satya notices the tension and signals to Sai that it’s time. Sai signals back, indicating they have two minutes. Virat expresses a desire to spend time with his husband, and Sai asserts that she will do what she wants, regardless of Virat’s feelings.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vinu was informed by Virat that he had been unable to locate his mother. Virat expressed feelings of being a subpar father. However, Sai advised him to have faith in her and proceed to the exterior to cut the cake after offering a prayer to God.

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