Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Viju expressing to Sai that there is still one person he is eagerly awaiting. Curious, Sai inquires about the identity of this individual. Viju acknowledges that some individuals are fortunate enough to live with the love of their life, but not everyone is granted that opportunity. Once the chance to be with our beloved slips through our fingers, it rarely resurfaces. Contemplating the thought of Virat, Sai advises herself to refrain from dwelling on him. She urges Viju to disclose the person he is awaiting, but he chooses to keep it concealed and departs, citing his pending responsibilities.

Virat arrives home, where his family members inquire about his meeting with the Chartered Accountant. In response, Virat reveals that this predicament has been lingering for quite some time. Ninad questions whether the CA provided any solutions. Virat discloses that due to the exorbitant loan amount, selling the factory appears to be the most viable option. Bhavani and Omi vehemently oppose the idea of selling the factory. Virat emphasizes that selling it is the only way out. Ninad asserts that the factory holds immense significance for their family’s pride. Overwhelmed with emotion, Bhavani tearfully blames Pakhi and Sai for bringing ruin upon their family.

Maddy and Gauri make adjustments to the projector screen, while Satya and Savi playfully tease them. Savi realizes that she forgot to call Sai and mentions it to Satya. Satya assures her that it’s all right and asks him to make the call instead. Savi dials Sai’s number and requests her to come home soon, to which Sai agrees.

In the meantime, Doctor Surva visits Sai’s cabin and hands her Vijendra’s medical reports. Surva discloses the devastating news to Sai that Vijendra is suffering from a terminal brain tumor. Sai is taken aback by the shocking revelation. Surva advises Sai to inform the commissioner about the situation. Although Sai feels uncertain about her ability to handle it, Surva reminds her of her duty as a doctor and encourages her to do it.

Determined, Sai heads to the commissioner’s office. Upon arrival, she notices Virat and the commissioner engaged in a discussion about certain operations. The commissioner questions Sai’s presence, reminding her that he had asked for the reports to be emailed. Feeling anxious, Sai lies to Vijendra and quickly exits the commissioner’s room. Outside, Virat approaches Sai, curious about why she lied to the commissioner and sensing her distress. Overwhelmed, Sai embraces Virat, shedding tears of anguish. Virat gently separates from the hug and inquires about the reason behind her emotional state. Sai confesses her lack of courage to inform Vijendra, affectionately known as Viju Kaka, about his critical stage brain tumor. She explains the urgency of his need for immediate surgery and the limited time he has left. Sympathetic and supportive, Virat suggests they bring the commissioner outside and reveal the truth to him. Sai expresses her gratitude, and Virat wipes away her tears, the connection between them deepening in the moment.

Together, Virat and Sai take Vijendra to a restaurant. Vijendra senses that something important is on their minds and urges them to share what they wish to discuss. Sai asks him to clarify, and Vijendra perceives their concern. He asks Virat to explain the matter to him, eager to understand the situation at hand.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sai accidentally collides with Virat once more, causing the papers he was holding to scatter. Observing the situation, Sai approaches Virat and acknowledges that their relationship has been strained. However, she expresses her desire to seek his assistance with a specific request. Virat, taken aback, finds it peculiar that Sai, who he believes has taken everything away from him, now seeks his help. Curious, Sai proceeds to inquire if he would be willing to aid her in reuniting two individuals who were once deeply in love but are now separated.

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