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Dheere Dheere Se 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Shastri organizing a birthday celebration for Vidya. Aanchal consults Jagjeevan for his opinion on cake flavors, while Amit shares his plan to make the occasion truly special for Vidya. Aarushi eagerly expresses her excitement, and Amit assures everyone that Vidya will be happy. Meanwhile, Bhawana struggles to control her anger as she recalls Vidya’s promise.

Amit informs Jagjeevan that he will be bringing Vidya home, to which Bhawana insists on accompanying him. However, Amit rejects her request, citing the remaining tasks that need to be completed. Despite Amit’s resistance, Bhawana remains resolute in her decision, leaving Amit feeling helpless. Aarushi adds her voice to the conversation, urging Amit to take Bhawana along. Eventually, Amit agrees to her request.

At the hospital, Vidya prepares herself for the meeting. Amit confronts her with anger, questioning her actions. Vidya assumes that Bhawana must have confronted Amit, leading to his anger and worry. She feels relieved upon learning that Amit is actually discussing her hospital bills. Vidya assures him that her father will reimburse him next month. Amit complains about Bhawana, who continuously keeps an eye on him. He then departs, informing Vidya that Bhawana is coming to visit her and requesting her to keep their recent discussions a secret. Vidya agrees to his request.

Vidya uses makeup to conceal her scars before Bhawana arrives. Bhawana expresses her anguish to Vidya and pleads with her to allow her to expose Amit. However, Vidya remains firm in her decision, refusing Bhawana’s request and inviting her to criticize Amit’s actions. Despite Bhawana’s disappointment, Vidya remains resolute. Just as the tension mounts, Amit enters the room. Vidya puts on an act, while Bhawana boldly asserts that she will always stand by Vidya. Amit is taken aback by this revelation.

Amit, Vidya, and Bhawana make their way back home, and upon their arrival, Vidya is taken aback by Shastri’s surprise birthday celebration for her. Inquisitively, Malini questions Vidya’s choice of attire. However, Amit steps in to defuse the situation and puts on a charade in front of everyone. Anxious, Vidya seeks comfort by grasping Bhawana’s hand, which Amit keenly notices. Sensing Vidya’s distress, Amit guides her towards seeking blessings from the elders.

Meanwhile, Raghav approaches Bhawana, expressing his concerns about Vidya enduring Amit’s abuse. He informs Bhawana that he is not yet prepared to sacrifice for Vidya’s freedom. Curious about how they can help free Vidya from Amit’s torment, Bhawana and Raghav silently resolve to fight for Vidya’s liberation. Bhawana pledges her support to Raghav’s decision.

As the celebration continues, Aanchal encourages Vidya to cut the cake, and Vidya obliges. Bhawana, seizing the opportunity, taunts Amit about his choice of cake. Amit is caught off guard but manages to handle the situation. Vidya takes the initiative to feed the first piece of cake to Bhawana, emphasizing their sisterly bond. This gesture irritates Amit, and Bhanu takes the opportunity to mock Vidya for favoring Bhawana over him. Unbeknownst to others, Amit inflicts harm upon Vidya, but Bhawana notices and intentionally drops the knife at Amit’s feet, openly mocking him. Amit grows increasingly frustrated. Both Raghav and Bhawana intervene to prevent Amit from dancing with Vidya in front of everyone. Ultimately, the Srivastav family decides to leave the gathering. Raghav instructs Bhawana to contact him if she ever needs his assistance and departs.

In a forceful manner, Amit drags Vidya into their room. Bhawana attempts to follow them, but Malini assigns her cleaning duties and departs as well. Alone in the room, Amit confronts Vidya about Bhawana’s actions. Vidya, fearing the truth, fabricates a lie, but Amit remains unconvinced. In a fit of rage, he reaches for his belt to strike her, but before he can, Bhawana swiftly intervenes, striking Amit with a broomstick. This causes Amit to stumble and fall to the ground, leaving both Amit and Vidya in a state of shock.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidya intervenes, preventing Bhawana from striking Amit. In an emotional plea, Bhawana implores Vidya to reconsider granting Amit a second chance.

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