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Dheere Dheere Se 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Bhawana cautioning Amit about the potential consequences once Vidya departs from his side. Amit asserts to Bhawana that he has genuinely changed and assures her that such an event will not occur again. Subsequently, he leaves the scene. Vidya arrives and accompanies Amit, while Bhawana and Raghav observe them with a penetrating gaze.

Inside the house, Bhanu notices Amit’s condition and inquires about who harmed him. He promises not to spare the person responsible for Amit’s current state. Amit questions Bhanu’s anger and emphasizes that his feelings of happiness towards Bhanu remain unchanged. Bhanu insists that Amit reveal the truth. Amit confides in Bhanu, disclosing that Raghav and Bhawana were the ones who attacked him. He further reveals that he resorted to raising his hand against Vidya in an attempt to guide her onto the right path. Bhanu expresses his anger towards Bhawana and Raghav, advising Amit not to allow them to mistreat him, as it may lead to a loss of the respect Vidya has for him. Bhanu implores Amit to stand by his side in their plan to bring down Raghav and Bhawana. Amit pledges his support, which brings joy to Bhanu.

The following day, Malini is taken aback by Amit’s appearance and queries him about it. Amit attempts to lie, but Malini refuses to believe him. Bhawana indirectly taunts Amit, urging him to disclose the real reason. Jagjeevan and Malini join in persuading Amit, causing him to grow nervous. Vidya comes to Amit’s rescue by fabricating a story to protect him from scrutiny. Amit feels relieved and then requests Bhanu to expedite their plan before Bhawana gains an upper hand. Bhanu reassures Amit and promises to execute their plan promptly.

Bhanu publicly praises Dimple, expressing his admiration for her, and shares his plan to visit the temple for a puja. His announcement receives unanimous agreement from everyone present. Later, while on the road, Bhawana suddenly feels dizzy and begins to lose her balance. Fortunately, Raghav comes to her rescue, preventing her from falling. The two of them decide to take a break and enjoy a cup of tea together. Meanwhile, Amit approaches Bhanu, seeking clarity about his true intentions. Bhanu cryptically responds to Amit, revealing that today is the day he intends to bring about Bhawana’s downfall, with her being unable to escape his trap. Amit’s joyous reaction indicates his approval of this plan.

Feeling guilty about accidentally tearing Raghav’s shirt, Bhawana playfully jests with him, lightening the mood. Bhawana smiles and then departs from the scene. Back at the house, the Shastri family prepares themselves to leave for the temple. Amit seizes the opportunity to make Vidya drop the prasad (offering), using her alleged poor health as an excuse to prevent her from preparing it again. Bhawana supports Amit’s decision.

Bhanu suggests to Bhawana that she should prepare the prasad, emphasizing the importance of equality in front of God. This suggestion surprises both Bhawana and Jagjeevan. Eventually, Bhawana agrees to take on the task. The rest of the family members proceed to the temple. Bhawana instructs Aanchal to stay close to Vidya’s side, leaving Aanchal puzzled but compliant.

At the temple, Amit takes Vidya aside and promises to change his behavior towards her. Vidya expresses her happiness in response. Meanwhile, Bhawana receives a phone call from Vidya, urgently requesting her presence at the hotel where Amit has held her captive. Vidya also implores Bhawana to bring Raghav along. Worried, Bhawana rushes to take action.

Amit ties a sacred thread around Vidya’s wrist, causing Vidya to regard him with suspicion. Meanwhile, Bhawana informs Raghav about the distressing call she received and the two of them set off to rescue Vidya. In another location, Malini expresses her dissatisfaction with Bhanu’s actions. However, Bhanu arrives, calming her down and revealing that he has set a trap to catch someone. Malini inquires about the target of the trap, prompting Bhanu to smirk enigmatically.

[Episode End]

Precap : As the waiter clumsily spills the drink on Bhawana, Raghav quickly instructs her to tidy up. Bhawana complies without hesitation. Moments later, the Shastri family makes their entrance into the hotel room. Malini seizes the opportunity to ridicule both Raghav and Bhawana. However, to everyone’s astonishment, Bhawana emerges from the hotel room, causing a collective gasp of surprise.

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