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Dheere Dheere Se 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Bhawana expressing her concern about Vidya to Raghav, determined to inform Jagjeevan about Amit’s true nature. Raghav advises Bhawana to prioritize her well-being so that she can assist others effectively. Bhawana takes a sip of water and ponders over why Vidya decided to give Amit another chance. Raghav emphasizes that the decision ultimately rests with Vidya. He questions why Bhawana isn’t with her family during the puja and how Amit managed to take Vidya to a hotel. Bhawana admits that she is unaware of the answers. Meanwhile, the Shastri family proceeds with the puja.

Bhawana and Raghav arrive at the hotel, where Bhawana attempts to gather information from the staff but fails. Raghav shares his plan with Bhawana to book a room and uncover details about Vidya. Bhawana agrees, and Raghav proceeds to reserve a room. They both make their way to the assigned room. The hotel staff informs Bhanu that their plan has been set in motion, leaving Bhanu delighted. Jagjeevan questions Bhanu about abruptly leaving the puja. Bhanu explains that he needed to contact Bhawana, but she didn’t respond to his call. Jagjeevan assumes that Bhawana must be occupied with important matters. Bhanu conceals his satisfaction, nodding in agreement.

Raghav and Bhawana were taken aback when they entered the room and discovered that it was a honeymoon suite. Wanting to leave immediately, they were approached by a staff member who claimed that he would have to quit his job if they didn’t join him for tea at the hospital. Feeling obliged, Bhawana agreed, but to her dismay, the staff member accidentally spilled coffee on her. Raghav, concerned for her, urged her to clean up and directed her to the washroom. Enraged by the staff’s carelessness, Raghav raised his voice and reprimanded him.

As the puja concluded, Aanchal grew increasingly worried about Bhawana. Bhanu and Amit exchanged smirks, but they assured Aanchal that Bhawana must have encountered some delay. In the hotel room, Raghav handed Bhawana an ointment and persuaded her to lend him her saree to help with the drying process. Trusting him, Bhawana handed over her saree. Raghav informed her that he had arranged for a housekeeping staff member to locate Amit and Vidya.

Suddenly, the power in the hotel room went out, startling both Raghav and Bhawana. After some time, the power was restored, prompting Raghav to return Bhawana’s saree. However, their surprise grew when the Shastri family arrived at the room. Raghav pleaded with the family members not to believe what they were assuming, as it was not the reality of the situation. He was also shocked to see Vidya among them. Malini shouted for Bhawana to come out of the washroom, leaving her dumbfounded. Bhawana emerged in a robe, causing both Raghav and the other men in the family to avert their eyes. Feeling helpless, Bhawana and Raghav found themselves in a difficult position. Raghav implored Malini to hear them out, but she angrily threw the saree at Bhawana and demanded she change it. Bhawana retreated back into the washroom.

In the privacy of the washroom, Bhawana reassured herself that she had done nothing wrong and vowed to prove her innocence before exiting. Malini verbally attacked Bhawana, while Bhanu mocked Raghav and Bhawana under the guise of support. Raghav continued to plead with Malini, hoping she would listen to their side of the story. Amit taunted both Raghav and Bhawana, but Raghav silenced him with an indirect warning. Malini accused Raghav of having an affair with Bhawana. Amit put on a show in front of everyone, and Bhanu joined in, claiming that there were many things Raghav had ignored. He then informed the family members that Raghav had gifted Bhawana a ring, which she was currently wearing. Aarushi confirmed that Raghav hadn’t given Bhawana a ring in their presence. Malini’s anger intensified, leaving Raghav and Bhawana feeling utterly helpless.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhanu proceeds to play the confession video of Raghav. In response, Bhawana firmly requests Raghav to affirm that he doesn’t have any feelings for her. However, Raghav declines to take an oath on her name and instead confesses his genuine emotions. Bhawana becomes incredibly enraged by his admission.

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