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Dheere Dheere Se 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Bhawana expressing to Vidya that the anguish in her heart is an unhealable wound, and she lacks the remedy to soothe it. Urging Vidya to confide in her, Bhawana acknowledges being aware of the perpetrator behind Vidya’s torment, emphasizing their sisterly bond. Overwhelmed, Vidya bursts into tears.

Meanwhile, Aanchal ponders the delay in Bhawana’s return home, and Bhanu discovers Bhawana’s absence, leading her to speculate if Bhawana is with Raghav. Inside the hospital, Raghav enters Vidya’s room, where she recounts the suffering she endured due to Amit. Raghav, choosing to refrain from intervening, maintains a stoic silence. Bhawana interrogates Vidya for enduring this torment silently for so long. Vidya reveals her apprehension and concern for Aarushi, who would be devastated when Amit’s truth is exposed. She also addresses the arduous journey women face after losing their partners’ support, a reality well known to Bhawana. Bhawana advises Vidya about the ramifications of her silence against Amit’s abuse. To their surprise, Raghav agrees with Bhawana, leaving both Bhawana and Vidya astounded.

Raghav earnestly implores Vidya to stand up against Amit’s torment. Just then, Vidya’s mother arrives, adamantly refusing to let Raghav and Bhawana confront Amit. She explains that she doesn’t want Vidya’s marriage to come to an end. Vidya, too, agrees with her mother’s decision. Bhawana questions Vidya’s mother about the societal norms that expect women to care for their parents, but what about husbands who should equally respect their wives? Vidya’s mother counters by asking what society will say about them if they defy these norms. Bhawana retorts, saying that the same society will mourn Vidya’s death anniversary. Vidya and her mother are overwhelmed with emotion, both shedding tears.

In the midst of this tense situation, Amit calls Vidya’s mother. Fearful, she hesitates to answer. Bhawana, determined, expresses her intention to confront Amit over the phone, but Vidya and her mother intervene, forbidding her from doing so. Amit grows increasingly frustrated when Vidya’s mother refuses to answer his calls. In a moment of panic, he notices a blood-soaked band-aid in the trash and hurriedly hides it, wondering if someone has discovered or noticed anything. He decides to call Vidya’s mother again. Vidya, in a desperate attempt to prevent Bhawana from confronting Amit, threatens to take her own life if Bhawana removes the barriers. Raghav and Bhawana are shocked by Vidya’s declaration and fervently plead with her not to harm herself. Vidya demands a promise from Bhawana to refrain from confronting Amit, to which Bhawana reluctantly agrees. Vidya asks her mother to answer Amit’s call, and after a moment of hesitation, her mother complies before leaving the room. Concerned, Raghav calls for a nurse to attend to Vidya’s needs.

Meanwhile, Bhanu inquires about Bhawana’s whereabouts, feigning concern as he asks Aanchal. Aanchal informs him that Bhawana has not yet returned home and is not answering her calls. Bhanu hands his phone to Aanchal. When Bhawana finally answers the call, she informs Aanchal that she is in the hospital. Bhanu wonders what might have happened to land Bhawana in the hospital.

Inside the hospital room, Raghav urges Bhawana to open up and share her feelings with him. Overwhelmed with guilt, Bhawana breaks down in tears, blaming herself for her ignorance of the situation. Raghav pleads with her not to blame herself, emphasizing that Amit is the one at fault and that Vidya is hesitant to take action against him. In a surprising turn of events, Bhawana rests her head on Raghav’s shoulder for comfort. Unbeknownst to them, Bhanu captures a photo of Raghav and Bhawana, smirking as he anticipates the family’s questioning regarding their alleged affair.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amit attempts to strike Vidya, but unexpectedly, someone strikes him from behind. Subsequently, in the presence of Raghav, Bhawana retaliates by physically confronting and overpowering Amit.

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