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Dheere Dheere Se 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Raghav approaching a man and requesting his assistance with the lighting tasks. The man initially expresses concerns about his height, but Raghav insists on helping him nonetheless. Worried about his payment, the man expresses his apprehension, but Raghav assures him that there won’t be any issues. Meanwhile, Bhanu finds joy in the store room and acknowledges Malini for it.

Following the man’s instructions, Raghav locates the power connection point in Shastri’s house and intentionally cuts it. Curious about the power outage, Malini steps outside to investigate. The man blames Raghav for making a mistake, leading Malini to question why Raghav prevented the electrician from doing his job. Raghav pretends and pleads with her, urging her not to get angry and to avoid causing a scene by calling the family members outside. Despite his pleas, Malini decides to call the family members and demands an explanation from Raghav regarding the deliberate power cut at their house. Raghav desperately begs her not to believe Malini’s accusations, insisting that what occurred was merely a mistake.

The Shastri family steps outside, and Malini informs Jagjeevan about the recent incident, blaming Raghav for it. Brij Mohan and other family members also join them outside. Brij Mohan confronts the Shastri family for causing a scene, while Raghav pleads with Brij Mohan to intervene and protect him from the Shastris, who he believes are making an unnecessary mistake. Despite Raghav’s plea, Malini stands her ground, but Jagjeevan urges her to let the matter go. Raghav and Bhawana are left shocked and worried.

Brij Mohan advises the Shastri family not to create any further commotion, assuring them that he will address the mistake that Raghav is not responsible for. He questions the electrician about the duration it will take to fix the power outage at the Shastri’s residence. Raghav hands the electrician some money and persuades him to state that it will take five days to resolve the issue. Malini complains about this, but Raghav attempts to use a code word, “band bajo,” to communicate with Bhawana. However, Bhawana fails to understand the message, which frustrates Raghav. At that moment, Abhishek alerts Bhawana about the significance of the code word.

Bhawana prevents the family members from entering their house and demands that Raghav and the other family members find a solution to the problem caused by Raghav himself. Both the Shastri and Srivastav families are taken aback by this turn of events. Raghav puts on a show, engaging in a heated argument with Bhawana. To everyone’s astonishment, Bhawana insults Raghav, leaving everyone shocked and speechless.

Brij Mohan makes the decision to send the Shastris to a hotel, causing concern for Bhawana. Worried, Bhawana stirs up Malini, expressing her worries about Bhanu and garnering her support to avoid staying at the hotel. Raghav drops a hint, questioning whether they expect the Shastris to be accommodated in their house. Bhawana demands the same, leaving the Srivastavs shocked and worried. Raghav challenges Bhawana, stating that they won’t allow her family to stay in his house. Determined, Bhawana decides to stage a protest in front of the Srivastavs’ house, with her family members joining her. This situation worries Brij Mohan and the rest of the family.

Raghav convinces Brij Mohan that letting the Shastris stay in their house is the best option, as otherwise, Dimple’s engagement may be called off when Vinod and his family witness the Shastris’ drama in front of the house. Brij Mohan reluctantly approves the Shastris to stay in their house temporarily. Raghav, Bhawana, and Abhishek-Dimple are happy with this resolution.

Later, Bhanu complains to Malini about the lack of power in the house where they are staying. He wonders about Bhawana’s behavior towards Raghav and asks Malini to keep an eye on her. Malini agrees. The Shastris enter the Srivastavs’ house, and Raghav warmly welcomes Bhawana, acknowledging her arrival with dignity and respect. Bhawana smiles in response. During the welcome, Savita accidentally slips, causing the flower petals in the aarti plate to fall on Raghav and Bhawana. Bhawana insists on cleaning it up, but Savita refuses, reminding her that she is an uninvited guest, and then goes inside. Raghav and Bhawana exchange glances, observing the situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vinod’s family made their way to the Srivastav’s house, where they were warmly welcomed. Raghav, acting as their family friend, introduced the Srivastav’s to Vinod’s family. As the engagement ceremony progressed, a sudden malfunction caused Raghav to emit smoke, creating a momentary distraction. Seizing the opportunity, Abhishek and Dimple discreetly left the premises. Vinod’s wife, noticing Dimple’s absence, inquired about her whereabouts, to which Raghav responded with a smile.

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