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Dheere Dheere Se 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Bhawana noticing another girl in the ward while Vidya’s parents take her on a stretcher to a different room. Bhawana struggles to open the door and seeks help from Amit. However, Amit pretends that the door is locked before finally unlocking it. Bhawana goes to the ward and finds Vidya’s mother there. Amit scolds Bhawana for doubting him and claims that he will do whatever it takes to protect Vidya. Bhawana asks Vidya’s mother about her health and inquires about Vidya’s whereabouts. Vidya’s mother struggles to respond, so Amit lies and says that Vidya went home to rest. Amit taunts Bhawana, and she asks Vidya’s mother to contact her if she needs any help before leaving. Amit feels relieved.

Later, Raghav meets Bhawana at the hospital. He explains that he is there to collect Radha’s medical report and firmly states that Amit’s actions are responsible for the assault on Radha. Bhawana is shocked by this revelation and expresses her hope for justice to prevail. Raghav emphasizes the importance of standing up for oneself, just like Radha is doing. He then asks Bhawana why she seems upset and lost in thought. Bhawana confesses that she is unsure about herself and cannot explain her feelings. Raghav understands and offers to take her home, but Bhawana mentions that she has Dimple’s scooty and will return on her own. Raghav praises Bhawana, and she gives him credit before they both leave.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Amit warns Vidya’s parents about Bhawana, who refuses to stay silent until her suspicions are resolved. Vidya’s mother pleads with Amit to control his anger, but he shouts at Vidya’s parents and threatens them, leaving them feeling helpless.

Bhawana returned home, clutching Jagjeevan’s report in her hands. Aarushi, noticing her arrival, immediately approached Bhawana and asked for her help in packing the gifts they had bought for Vidya, as her birthday was only two days away. Bhawana readily agreed to assist her, and together they wrapped the presents with care. As they finished, an idea sparked in Bhawana’s mind—why not throw a birthday party for Vidya? Eager to share her suggestion, she approached Jagjeevan and excitedly relayed her plan. However, Malini, expressing her reservations, reminded them that such celebrations had never occurred in their household. Nevertheless, Jagjeevan approved of Bhawana’s idea, prompting her to implore Malini to reconsider. Dismissing Bhawana’s plea, Malini simply advised her to do as she pleased before walking away. Determined to uncover what was happening in Vidya’s life, Bhawana left the room with hope in her heart.

Later, Bhawana entered Vidya’s room and was immediately struck by the sight of a blood-soaked sponge and a stain on the bedsheet. Alarmed, she quickly reached for her phone and dialed Vidya’s number, only to be shocked when she realized the phone in her hand was actually Vidya’s. Just then, Aanchal entered the room, intending to speak with Bhawana. However, caught up in her distress, Bhawana snapped at Aanchal before storming out and hailing an auto. Unbeknownst to Bhawana, Raghav, engaged in a phone call with Radha, observed her hurried departure and approached Aanchal, inquiring about what had transpired. Aanchal promptly recounted the events to him, pleading for him to speak with Bhawana. Agreeing to her request, Raghav decided to track down Bhawana.

Bhawana arrived at the hospital and received a call from Raghav, who inquired about her whereabouts. Promising to explain everything as soon as possible, Bhawana informed him that she was currently in the hospital—a revelation that left Raghav shocked. Determined to find answers, she noticed Vidya’s mother exiting a ward and swiftly entered it herself. The sight that greeted Bhawana inside the room filled her with profound shock—Vidya, in a fragile state, lay before her. As Vidya woke up and silently shed tears upon seeing Bhawana, a wave of remorse washed over Bhawana. She apologized to Vidya for her failure to uncover the truth and earnestly implored her to share what had happened. Vidya stared back at Bhawana, her gaze filled with unspoken words.

[Episode End]

Precap : While Amit attempts to strike Vidya, an unexpected assailant launches an attack on him from behind. Subsequently, Bhawana confronts Amit and subjects him to a physical altercation, which is witnessed by Raghav.

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