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Dheere Dheere Se 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Bhanu questioning Aanchal if Raghav had given a ring to Bhawana in their presence. Aarushi mentions that Bhawana had sent them to bed early that day. Raghav proceeds to explain the reason behind his gift to Bhawana. Malini accuses Bhawana of something. Bhanu assumes a role and declares that he has disregarded all the signs and evidence, opting to remain silent. Malini and Amit urge Bhanu to present the proof. Bhanu reveals a photograph showing Raghav and Bhawana in an embrace. Malini interrogates Raghav and Bhawana about the photo. Bhanu assumes a defensive stance, suggesting that there must be a reason why they appear so close. Malini shows the photo to Raghav and Bhawana. A sense of helplessness and concern grips everyone for Bhawana and Raghav.

Bhawana confides in Jagjeevan, stating that she no longer cares about others’ opinions and is only concerned about his trust in her. Jagjeevan assures her of his trust but asks what is happening. Amit speaks ill of Bhawana, provoking Raghav to shout at him and issue a warning. Amit insults Raghav in return, escalating the situation. Raghav becomes furious. Malini taunts Bhawana, suggesting that she is involved in an affair with Raghav. Bhawana raises her voice, commanding them to stop. She then declares that she will reveal the truth and proceeds to bring Vidya forward in front of everyone. Amit becomes tense.

Bhawana implores Vidya to confess to everyone that she was the one who called her. However, Vidya pretends and denies it, leaving Bhawana and Raghav stunned. Bhawana desperately begs Vidya to tell the truth to spare herself from suffering. In that moment, Vidya recalls Amit’s threat to harm Aarushi and notices him standing behind her with a knife. Worried about Aarushi’s safety, Vidya decides to lie to everyone, claiming she has no idea what Bhawana is talking about. Bhawana insists on revealing the truth, but Jagjeevan interrupts and questions her. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Vidya subtly stops Bhawana from exposing Amit’s truth by warning her about his threat. Raghav demands Bhawana to come clean with everyone, but she remains silent, crying.

Raghav and Bhawana plead with their family members, urging them to trust them. Bhanu suggests a way for Bhawana to prove her innocence through an Agnipariksha, and asks if she is willing to undergo it. Bhawana agrees to face the Agnipariksha, and Raghav supports Bhanu’s proposal. Bhanu calls Aanchal forward and asks Bhawana to swear on her that she and Raghav are just friends. Bhawana solemnly swears on Aanchal, bringing relief and joy to Jagjeevan, Aanchal, Abhishek, and Dimple.

Raghav decides to swear on Aanchal as well, but Bhanu intervenes and instructs him to swear on Bhawana instead. Raghav questions Bhanu’s decision, leading to taunts from Malini and Amit. Despite the pressure, Raghav decides to swear on Bhawana and approaches her. Bhanu hands his phone to Amit, who plays a video confession of Raghav during Holi on the television before Raghav can make the oath. Raghav, Bhawana, and everyone present are shocked by the revelation. Malini mocks Raghav and Bhawana’s friendship.

Bhanu explains that Raghav must prove his innocence by swearing on Bhawana to regain the trust of the family members. Jagjeevan urges Raghav to go through with it, and Bhanu extends his hand to Raghav. Bhawana demands Raghav to swear on her, but he passionately declares that he won’t falsely swear on her and confesses his true feelings for her. Bhawana and the rest of the family are left stunned by his admission.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhawana reveals her deep sense of disappointment directed at Raghav, conveying her emotions without reservation. Attempting to justify his actions, Raghav mounts a defense, seeking understanding from Bhawana. However, their interaction takes a dramatic turn when Bhawana, overwhelmed by her feelings, impulsively hurls the ring Raghav had previously bestowed upon her before abruptly departing from the scene. Raghav is left gazing sadly after her, the weight of the moment sinking heavily upon him.

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