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Dheere Dheere Se 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Malini cautioning Abhishek and issuing him a strict order to refrain from leaving the premises. Meanwhile, Brij Mohan interrogates and rebukes Dimple for eloping with Abhishek. At this point, Amit reminds everyone how Bhanu would react if he were present in the house. Sensing the urgency, Malini tasks Amit with keeping a watchful eye on Abhishek. In another scene, Dimple earnestly pleads with Brij Mohan to listen to her, but both Savita and Brij Mohan lash out at her. They forcefully confiscate her phone, lock her in her room, and depart. Similarly, Malini locks Abhishek in his room, leaving him distressed and disheartened by the conflicting advice from Raghav and Bhawana.

During dinner, Vidya’s behavior perplexes Bhawana. Vidya concocts an excuse and retreats indoors. Malini enters the scene and scolds Abhishek for refusing to eat. She, in turn, refuses to partake in the meal as well. Bhawana insists on persuading Abhishek to eat, which prompts Malini to mock her. Jagjeevan takes Bhawana’s side and convinces Malini of the importance of nourishment. Just then, Malini receives an urgent phone call and requests the person on the other end to bring something immediately. Amit questions Malini about the call, sensing her nervousness. Malini fabricates a lie to deceive her family members.

Bhawana encounters Abhishek, who declines to eat. However, Bhawana reminds him of the promise she made with Raghav. Abhishek expresses his disbelief in being accepted by their family members alongside Dimple. He inquires if Bhawana has any ideas to reunite him and Dimple. Bhawana’s face lights up with a smile. This brings joy to Abhishek, prompting him to finally have his meal. Unexpectedly, Malini arrives and becomes upset and angry upon witnessing the bond between Bhawana and Abhishek. She vows not to let Bhawana get away with it.

Later, Bhawana discusses her concerns about both families over a phone call with Raghav. Raghav advises her to eat first, as she needs strength to persuade the family members. He lightens the mood by cracking a few jokes, which brings a smile to Bhawana’s face. Bhawana hopes that her plan will succeed, and Raghav shares the same sentiment. As a token of support, he presents mangoes to Bhawana and Aanchal.

A group of men brings a box into the Shastri household. Malini guides them to store it in a separate room. Bhawana happens to arrive at that moment, making Malini nervous. To divert Bhawana’s attention, Malini interrogates her about the mangoes. Bhawana fabricates a response, and Malini heads inside. Curiosity gets the better of her, leading her to open the door of the box, only to find Bhanu inside. Bhanu shares his ordeal of struggling to survive inside the box while holding his breath. Malini scolds him for speaking unnecessarily.

Bhawana made up her mind to give mangoes to Malini, knowing that Malini also enjoyed them. She found Malini in the store room, but before Bhawana could notice Bhanu inside the house, Malini intercepted her and promptly sent her away, pretending to decline the mangoes. Bhawana left, unaware of Bhanu’s presence. After Bhawana departed, Malini also left the place. Bhanu observed Bhawana’s changed behavior since he left the house and decided it was time to teach her a lesson.

Meanwhile, Savita encountered Raghav and expressed her disappointment with him for keeping Dimple’s love for Abhishek hidden. She reminded him of the potential consequences if Dimple had married Abhishek. Raghav justified his intentions to guide Dimple onto the right path. Savita implored Raghav not to withhold any more information regarding Dimple from them and asked him to advise Dimple to stay away from Abhishek. With that, Savita left, and Raghav resolved to do what he believed was best for Dimple.

The following day, Malini met Bhanu in the store room. Bhanu shared his plan to attack Bhawana this time but assured Malini that everyone would think he was outside serving his punishment, thus eliminating suspicion. Malini was elated by the plan. In another part of the story, Raghav and Bhawana encountered each other outside the house. Raghav urged Bhawana to call Shekhar using a new phone number. Bhawana questioned Raghav’s blackmailing tactics, demanding an explanation. Raghav struggled to respond, leaving Bhawana determined to call Shekhar herself from her own number. She made the call and informed Shekhar about Dimple’s love for another man, imploring him not to agree to the proposed alliance. Shekhar listened attentively.

[Episode End]

Precap : Malini reprimands Raghav for disconnecting their home’s power supply. This leads to a heated argument between Raghav and Bhawana. Determined to make a point, Bhawana decides to stage a protest in front of the Srivastav’s house, leaving the Srivastav family stunned.

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