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Dheere Dheere Se 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Bhanu informing Brij Mohan that they are now his relatives and proceeds to recount the events that transpired. The revelation leaves everyone in a state of shock. Bhanu expresses his dissatisfaction with Raghav’s actions towards Bhawana, who happens to be a widow. Brij Mohan calls out to Raghav, prompting Bhanu to anticipate the consequences. In his imagination, Bhanu envisions Brij Mohan slapping Raghav. However, Brij Mohan asserts that he will not easily believe such allegations against Raghav, suggesting that what they have witnessed and heard may not be entirely true.

Meanwhile, Bhawana attempts to speak and help Aanchal, but the latter responds with hurtful taunts, deeply shocking and hurting Bhawana. Aanchal then departs for school. Meanwhile, Savita urges Bhanu to leave, emphasizing that they will handle the matter with Raghav on their own. Bhanu takes this opportunity to malign Bhawana, unknowingly making Raghav overhear his derogatory comments from upstairs. Enraged, Raghav confronts Bhanu for speaking ill of Bhawana and even tries to forcefully eject him from the house. However, Brij Mohan intervenes, reminding Raghav that Bhanu is now a relative and should be treated accordingly.

Raghav insists to Brij Mohan that individuals like Bhanu should not be spared. Curious, Brij Mohan inquires about Raghav’s presence in the hotel room. Raghav discloses that he and Bhawana went there to assist Vidya. Savita questions the nature of their assistance, causing Raghav to recall Bhawana’s promise to Vidya, compelling her to remain silent. Bhanu seizes the opportunity to mock Raghav. Meanwhile, Swati inwardly rejoices, realizing that the day she had been eagerly anticipating has finally arrived. Bhanu proceeds to inform the Srivastav family about Raghav’s confession.

Savita offered her apologies to Bhanu on behalf of Raghav for his inappropriate behavior. Bhanu responded by asserting that he would determine the appropriate course of action in response to the insult he had endured before promptly leaving the scene. Meanwhile, Bhawana approached Malini, but the latter responded by insulting her, while Jagjeevan deliberately avoided making eye contact with Bhawana. Witnessing this, Vidya empathized with Bhawana, feeling sorry for her. Soon after, Bhanu arrived and informed Jagjeevan that he was struggling to control his anger as everyone seemed to be testing his patience. Jagjeevan inquired about the cause of Bhanu’s frustration, prompting Bhanu to feign distress and claim that Raghav had insulted him. He also criticized Bhawana, holding her partly responsible for the insults he had endured. Bhawana felt deeply hurt by Bhanu’s words and remained silent.

Meanwhile, in Srivastav’s house, Raghav found himself seething with anger as he recalled Bhanu’s remarks while alone in his room. Savita brought him some food, but Raghav insisted that he had no appetite, a statement Savita found hard to believe. Concerned for both Raghav and Bhawana, Savita expressed her trust in Raghav and inquired if he had spoken to Bhawana. Raghav explained that he didn’t want to complicate matters further, avoiding the conversation by resting his head on Savita’s shoulder. Savita grew increasingly worried.

On the other side, Bhanu confronted Jagjeevan and issued an ultimatum, demanding that within twenty-four hours either Bhawana leave the house or he would depart due to the insult he had suffered at the hands of Raghav. Jagjeevan was taken aback and filled with anxiety, questioning the validity of such a condition. However, Bhanu remained stubborn in his decision. Later, Bhawana informed Aanchal that she would have to go to the hostel because Bhawana herself was leaving the house. Aanchal was shocked and engaged in a heated argument with Bhawana. Aanchal expressed her trust in both Bhawana and Raghav, pleading with Bhawana to reveal the truth. Reflecting on Vidya’s actions, Bhawana stated that she had spoken her truth and believed it wasn’t her responsibility to disclose it to others. She firmly insisted that Aanchal had to go to the hostel. Tearfully, Aanchal gazed at Bhawana.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidya reveals Amit’s mistreatment towards her to the family members, leaving them astounded. Bhawana, deeply affected by the situation, makes the difficult decision to depart from the house, causing Jagjeevan to be taken aback by the news.

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