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Dheere Dheere Se 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Bhawana approaching Raghav with the intention of sharing something important. She reaches for a nearby wire, causing Raghav to grow concerned, assuming Bhawana plans to tie a Rakhi on him. However, Bhawana clarifies that it is a friendship band and acknowledges that Raghav’s actions were ultimately for her own good, even if he had chosen the wrong path. Expressing her sincere apology and gratitude, Bhawana extends her hand, indicating that she is in search of her old friend. Raghav grasps her hand, reassuring her that a true friend never leaves and will always stand by her side. Bhawana proceeds to tie the friendship band around Raghav’s hand.

Later, Malini performs the aarti for Abhishek and Dimple, warmly welcoming the newlywed couple. She then guides Dimple on the rituals of girahpravesh. Shortly after, a delivery person arrives with a parcel for Vidya. Intrigued, Malini questions Vidya about it. Amit intervenes and points out that Vidya has been spending a significant amount of money. Vidya forces a smile and retreats inside.

Aanchal and Aarushi make arrangements for the ring finding ceremony, while Bhawana takes Abhishek-Dimple with her to seek God’s blessings. Meanwhile, Amit heads to his room and expresses dissatisfaction about the lesser amount of money sent by Vidya’s father compared to what he had asked for. Vidya defends her father, which infuriates Amit, leading him to harm her.

Malini takes charge of organizing the ring finding ceremony for Abhishek-Dimple. She vents her frustrations to Bhanu and questions why he agreed to let Abhishek marry their enemy’s daughter. Bhanu explains how they now have the advantage and shares his plan to trap Raghav and Bhawana. Malini begins to feel hopeful.

During the ring ceremony, Dimple emerges as the winner. Jagjeevan declares that from now on, everyone in the house should also consider women’s opinions. Raghav supports Jagjeevan’s statement. In the midst of the celebration, Malini sends Bhawana to Vidya’s room to fetch some plates. Bhawana approaches Vidya’s room and witnesses Amit pressuring Vidya to give him a chain her father had given her. When Vidya refuses, Amit resorts to hurting her. Vidya cries out in pain, which alarms Bhawana. Concerned, she opens the door and expresses her worry for Vidya. Amit lies to Bhawana, claiming that Vidya isn’t feeling well, and he is taking care of her.

Amit questions Bhawana about the reason for her entering the room, to which she explains that she came to retrieve plates. Amit decides to assist her and goes to fetch the plates himself. Meanwhile, Bhawana questions Vidya about her fearful behavior. Vidya becomes anxious but musters the courage to speak. However, Amit glares at her and deliberately drops a plate, interrupting their conversation. Bhawana is left perplexed. Malini arrives, scolds Amit, and then leaves. Bhawana also departs.

Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan express their happiness about rekindling their friendship. They pledge to remain friends forever. Aanchal and Aarushi share their plans and invite the Srivastav family to join in the evening’s festivities. Raghav agrees. Later, Abhishek and Dimple cut the cake and feed it to Raghav and Bhawana as a gesture of gratitude. Raghav presents them with a wedding gift, crediting Bhawana for the idea. Bhawana is pleasantly surprised, and Abhishek and Dimple express their gratitude to both of them.

Aarushi and Aanchal perform a dance, after which they suggest playing dumb charades. However, Bhawana reminds them about school and sends them to bed. Abhishek and Dimple also retire for the night. Bhawana thanks Raghav for his previous actions, and he presents her with a ring as a gift, explaining the significance behind it. Initially refusing, Bhawana eventually gives in to Raghav’s persuasion. Unbeknownst to them, Bhanu watches everything from his hiding spot, vowing to humiliate Bhawana and Raghav.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jagjeevan informs Amit that Bhawana has gone to the hospital. Concerned, Amit quickly makes a call to a trusted individual, requesting them to ensure that Bhawana remains unaware of Vidya’s hospitalization. However, fate intervenes when Bhawana coincidentally crosses paths with the person Amit is speaking to on the phone, right there at the hospital.

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