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Dheere Dheere Se 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Bhawana earnestly beseeching Raghav to swear upon her, but he abruptly snatches his hand away, adamantly refusing to engage in a false oath. This unexpected reaction leaves everyone in a state of shock. Jagjeevan raises his voice, admonishing Raghav to carefully consider his words before speaking. Raghav expresses deep respect for Bhawana but discloses his affection for her, which leaves everyone dumbfounded. He proceeds to clarify that Bhawana is oblivious to his feelings and that there is no romantic involvement between them; his love for Bhawana is unrequited. Raghav emphasizes that he never harbored any malicious intentions towards Bhawana. Overwhelmed, Bhawana covers her ears, attempting to block out the unfolding drama. Malini, fueled by anger, directs insulting remarks at Raghav.

Jagjeevan, deeply hurt by the revelations, laments the breach of trust by both individuals. Raghav apologizes to Jagjeevan and implores him to trust that Bhawana remains unaware of his feelings. Bhanu interjects, asserting that men and women can never be friends, taunting Bhawana by questioning her naivety about Raghav’s true intentions. He further attempts to justify his own actions towards Bhawana thus far. Overwhelmed by the weight of the situation, Bhawana succumbs to tears as memories of the recent events flood her mind. Raghav assures Bhawana that he never desired to involve her in his life in any other capacity. Malini continues to hurl insults at Bhawana, intensifying her emotional distress. Bhawana finds solace in her tears, seeking a momentary release from the overwhelming turmoil.

Bhanu locks eyes with Amit, who retaliates by assaulting Raghav for endangering their reputation. In the midst of this chaos, Malini confronts Bhawana, accusing her of having an affair with Raghav. Raghav attempts to defend himself against Amit, but Jagjeevan intervenes, putting a stop to the altercation. Raghav pleads with both Malini and Jagjeevan to trust his words, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Bhawana, overcome with anger, slaps Raghav, causing Jagjeevan to storm off.

Bhawana follows Jagjeevan, desperately pleading with him to believe that she had no knowledge of Raghav’s feelings. Jagjeevan blames Bhawana and Raghav for tarnishing his reputation and instructs her never to address him as “Babu Ji” again before walking away. Bhawana attempts to convince other family members, including Malini, Aanchal, and Abhishek, to believe her side of the story, but they all turn a deaf ear and leave her standing there. Amit forcefully takes Vidya with him, leaving Bhawana in tears. Raghav watches the scene unfold from inside the room.

Bhawana approaches Raghav and mockingly asks if he is pleased with humiliating her and tearing her family apart. She expresses her disappointment in Raghav for harboring feelings for her. Raghav tries to justify his emotions, but Bhawana scolds him for mentioning her name. She raises her voice, berating Raghav for betraying her trust and completely cutting ties with him before storming off.

Both Raghav and Bhawana replay the events of the day in their minds as they make their way home, their tears flowing uncontrollably. Bhawana feels anguish that her friendship with Raghav has been questioned, while Raghav mourns the disapproval he faces for his unrequited love for Bhawana. Meanwhile, Savita confides in Brij Mohan about her worry regarding Raghav’s absence and unanswered calls. Brij Mohan reassures her, promising to send Gaurav to find Raghav. Bhawana arrives at her own house.

Upon entering, Bhawana finds the entire family gathered in the living area, excluding the younger members. Bhanu emphasizes the need to prevent a recurrence of the day’s events and reveals that Jagjeevan has set some rules to safeguard their reputation. Jagjeevan, shocked by this revelation, reluctantly allows Bhanu to continue. Bhanu speaks about the importance of women as the guardians of the family’s honor and their responsibility to protect it. Recalling Bhawana’s previous insult, he silently plots his revenge. Finally, Bhanu presents the first rule to Bhawana and asks for her agreement, leaving Bhawana in a state of contemplation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhawana is deeply hurt by Aanchal’s behavior, leaving her feeling upset and wounded. Observing the situation, Bhanu directs his blame towards Raghav, which triggers a wave of anger in Brij Mohan. Consequently, Brij Mohan decides to reach out to Raghav, seeking resolution for the conflict. Upon being summoned, Raghav emerges and engages in a heated confrontation with Bhanu, passionately defending the dignity of women against the disrespectful comments.

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