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Dheere Dheere Se 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Raghav declaring that he and Bhawana have a crucial mission ahead, urging both families to pursue their own desires. Bhawana assures Malini that she will bring Abhishek back and departs with Raghav. While on their way, Raghav and Bhawana speculate on the whereabouts of Abhishek and Dimple. Bhawana confronts Raghav about disclosing the truth to both families, which ignited the ongoing conflict. Raghav expresses his unwavering support for Bhawana and leaves her speechless. He emphasizes the need to focus on their assigned task and expresses optimism about finding Abhishek and Dimple in Indore.

Meanwhile, Savita prays fervently for Dimple’s well-being, and Brij Mohan queries the family members if they have received any communication from Raghav. Swati confirms with Dimple’s friends that she hasn’t sought refuge at their house, increasing their worry. On the other hand, Abhishek’s bike halts due to an empty fuel tank, leading to a heated argument between Abhishek and Dimple. They both realize that their families discovered the truth after receiving calls from Raghav on Dimple’s phone. Determined to reach their destination, Abhishek and Dimple decide to walk towards the bus depot. To Bhawana’s astonishment, their call abruptly disconnects. Eventually, Abhishek and Dimple encounter a tea vendor who confirms sighting them moments ago. Raghav provides his contact number to the tea vendor, requesting him to inform them if he spots Abhishek and Dimple together.

Meanwhile, Amit verifies with Abhishek’s friends whether Abhishek is present or not. Malini expresses her surprise, mentioning that she believed Abhishek was in love with Meera, and wonders how he ended up falling for Dimple instead. Recalling Bhawana’s earlier words, she places blame on her for Abhishek’s decision. In the meantime, Abhishek urges Dimple not to go to the right, but due to her drowsy state, she unintentionally veers right while Abhishek continues ahead. Raghav and Bhawana notice Abhishek’s motorcycle and ponder over which path to choose—either the straight road or the right turn.

At this point, Jagjeevan questions Malini’s upbringing, questioning why Abhishek confided in Bhawana instead of her and advises her to focus on her own mistakes rather than blaming others. He hopes that Bhawana will bring Abhishek back home, which infuriates Malini. Meanwhile, Abhishek realizes that Dimple isn’t with him, while Dimple herself comes to the same realization and becomes shocked. Anxious to find Dimple, Abhishek rushes to her location, where she receives a phone call. Without checking the caller ID, Dimple answers, assuming it’s from Abhishek, and asks about his whereabouts. Coincidentally, Abhishek arrives just then, and they both feel relieved upon seeing each other. They discuss their plan to go to the bus depot. However, Abhishek notices that Raghav is the one on the other end of the call, as Dimple had unknowingly answered his call. He disconnects the call and leaves with Dimple. Raghav and Bhawana feel upset about the situation and resolve to go to the bus depot themselves.

Dimple confides her worries to their family members, who relay the information to Abhishek. Assuring Dimple, Abhishek tells her it will take some time for help to reach them. Exhausted, Abhishek and Dimple fall asleep on a bench at the bus depot. As they wake up, they are startled by the headlights of an approaching vehicle. To their surprise, they see Raghav and Bhawana. Startled by their presence, Dimple and Abhishek quickly flee the scene, with Raghav and Bhawana giving chase. Unfortunately, Bhawana gets injured during the pursuit but insists that Raghav should continue following Abhishek and Dimple.

Abhishek and Dimple find refuge in a secluded location. To their shock, Raghav and Bhawana catch up with them and discover that Abhishek is holding a pistol. Raghav and Bhawana plead with them not to take any drastic actions. Both Abhishek and Dimple express their desperation, claiming they are ready to die. Bhawana pleads with them, but Raghav boldly challenges Abhishek to shoot himself, leaving Bhawana, Abhishek, and Dimple stunned. When Dimple takes the gun from Abhishek, Raghav dares her to do the same. In a tense moment, Raghav snatches the gun back and threatens to kill Abhishek. In a shocking turn of events, he fires the bullet, leaving Bhawana in disbelief. Furious, Raghav berates Abhishek and Dimple for trying to deceive him with a fake gun. Bhawana slaps Abhishek, and Raghav scolds Dimple.

Expressing their disappointment, Raghav and Bhawana decide to leave. However, Abhishek and Dimple stop them and reveal the underlying reasons behind their desperate actions. Doubtful, Abhishek questions whether Raghav and Bhawana can convince their parents and demands assurance by making them swear on God. Raghav and Bhawana exchange intense glances, contemplating their response.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhawana relays to Shekhar the news of Dimple’s affection towards Abhishek. Subsequently, Brij Mohan develops a resolute determination to hold Bhawana accountable for interfering in his family affairs.

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