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Dheere Dheere Se 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Shekhar and the others noticing Dimple sporting a band-aid on her ring finger. Savita inquires about it, prompting Dimple to come up with an excuse. Swati suggests that they should still make Dimple wear the ring somehow. Bhawana reassures Abhishek not to be upset, reminding him that he was the one who first put the ring on her finger. Shekhar attempts to put the ring on Dimple, but she winces in pain. Raghav points out the issue, stating that the ring size must not be suitable for Dimple. Savita suggests getting a ring of Dimple’s size on another day, as the important thing is that the ritual has been completed. Vinod agrees, reminding everyone that the wedding is in just two days.

Both families congratulate each other, and Swati serves sweets to everyone. Swati and Malini engage in playful banter, taunting each other. Raghav pretends in front of Swati that Bhawana, who is an uninvited guest, should not be served any sweets. Swati is taken by surprise by this act.

Later, Raghav and Bhawana exchange congratulations for the engagement of Abhishek and Dimple. Meanwhile, Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about Dimple’s childhood. Raghav feels hopeful that this occasion will help bridge the gap between the two families. From upstairs, Dimple observes this heartwarming scene and smiles. Suddenly, Brij Mohan coughs, and Abhishek rushes to bring him water. Surprisingly, Brij Mohan angrily scolds Abhishek, leaving everyone shocked.

Raghav attempts to calm down Brij Mohan, while Jagjeevan admonishes Brij Mohan for his behavior towards Abhishek, leading to a heated argument between them. Raghav and Bhawana become increasingly worried about the escalating tension. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Bhawana pretends to sprain her ankle, diverting everyone’s attention. She then takes charge and decides to cook dinner. Raghav, aware that Brij Mohan must be hungry, reminds him of this fact. Brij Mohan insists that only his family should cook in their house, prompting Jagjeevan to suggest ordering food from outside. However, Bhawana resolves to prepare the meal in their own home.

Meanwhile, Malini becomes concerned that Bhawana might discover Bhanu’s presence, so she stops Bhawana by mentioning the power outage and refusing to let her go there. Meanwhile, Bhanu grows upset with Malini for not bringing his dinner yet.

Raghav suggests to Brij Mohan that they allow the Shastri family to cook, emphasizing that they are staying in their house for free. Brij Mohan eventually agrees. Both Jagjeevan and Brij Mohan speak highly of their respective daughter-in-laws’ cooking skills, leading to a friendly culinary challenge between them. Vidya insists on assisting Bhawana, while Malini decides to check up on Bhanu, only to be assigned other tasks by Jagjeevan.

Noticing that both Dimple and Abhishek are exchanging smiles, Brij Mohan asks Gaurav to keep an eye on Abhishek. Gaurav complies, but Abhishek manages to slip away unnoticed. In the kitchen, Savita guides Bhawana on the whereabouts of the ingredients, and Bhawana assures her. Before starting her food preparation, Bhawana takes a moment to pray and explains its significance to Swati when questioned. Savita is impressed by her devotion.

Raghav distracts Gaurav and slips Abhishek a note, asking him to meet later at 11 PM, then quietly departs. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Bhawana inquires about Vidya’s injury, but Vidya lies to her. During dinner, Vidya reveals that Bhawana cooked all the dishes, bringing joy to Raghav, who finds his favorite dish among them. Gaurav, Aarav, and Jagjeevan praise Bhawana’s cooking, causing Savita to feel annoyed by Raghav’s enthusiasm.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhanu discreetly captures the conversation between Raghav and Bhawana, as well as Abhishek and Dimple. With the intention of exposing them, Bhanu decides to disguise himself as a woman. However, Bhawana notices the disguised Bhanu and confronts him, leading Bhanu to feel increasingly nervous.

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