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Dheere Dheere Se 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Raghav expressing his concern to Brij Mohan about the importance of mentally preparing Dimple for the upcoming wedding, as he fears they may face humiliation otherwise. Raghav reveals that he brought Dimple outside to try and change her heart and make her agree to the wedding. Swati, upon hearing this, makes disapproving faces. Dimple, shocked by Raghav’s words, decides to inform everyone that she will not marry anyone. Raghav feels helpless and starts contemplating how to make Dimple understand his true intentions. He then takes Dimple aside to have a private conversation. Brij Mohan instructs Swati to accompany Dimple, while Raghav attempts to make Dimple comprehend the importance of saving the family’s reputation.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Malini feeds Bhanu and reassures him that everyone in the family is preoccupied, ensuring his safety. Malini proceeds to inform Bhanu about Dimple’s upcoming marriage. The two of them discuss what to do about Bhawana. Just as they are conversing, Vidya arrives at the kitchen. Malini prevents her from entering and swiftly sends her away. Both Malini and Bhanu worry about keeping Dimple’s elopement with Abhishek a secret, in order to ensure that Dimple’s marriage takes place without anyone discovering their plan.

There, Abhishek confides in Bhawana about his concerns regarding lying to Amit. Bhawana reassures him, offering her support. Meanwhile, inside the car, Raghav puts on a facade in front of Swati and advises Dimple to marry Shekhar. Swati privately wonders if Raghav has genuinely changed his stance on Dimple’s marriage. Raghav then pretends that the car is malfunctioning and asks Swati for help, but she refuses to step out. Raghav takes Dimple outside instead, instructing Swati to repeatedly try starting the car. Swati reluctantly complies and attempts to start the car, only to discover that two other people have replaced Raghav and herself. She sends them away, bewildered by Raghav and Dimple’s whereabouts.

Abhishek ponders and asks Bhawana if Raghav intends to stop helping them unite with Dimple. Bhawana supports Raghav, assuring Abhishek that he will not betray them under any circumstances. Just then, Raghav arrives with Dimple. He expresses his joy at having a loyal friend like Bhawana by his side, and Bhawana smiles in response. Abhishek and Dimple embrace each other warmly.

Curious about the purpose of their gathering, Bhawana asks Raghav for an explanation. Raghav proceeds to inform both Bhawana and Abhishek about Brij Mohan’s sudden decision to have Dimple marry Shekhar within the next three days, shocking them both. He reveals that Bhawana’s phone call to Shekhar was the actual reason behind Brij Mohan’s choice. Bhawana becomes upset, and Raghav then convinces her to agree to his plan of reuniting Abhishek and Dimple. Reluctantly, Bhawana consents to Raghav’s proposal.

Raghav gathers Bhawana, Abhishek, and Dimple together to discuss his ambitious idea of uniting both families within three days. Dimple immediately dismisses it as an impossible task. Undeterred, Raghav insists that they must take this risk and suggests using the code words “band bajo” to communicate discreetly. After some consideration, everyone agrees to the plan, and Abhishek and Dimple depart.

However, Bhawana expresses her concerns about Raghav’s plan, fearing that it may not work out as intended. In a moment of anxiety, Raghav unintentionally blurts out that he is stressed as if it were his and Bhawana’s wedding, leaving her shocked and upset. Bhawana asks Raghav to explain his plan to her over the phone before storming off, leaving Raghav feeling saddened by the turn of events.

Later, Raghav and Dimple arrive at the house. Brij Mohan confronts Raghav, questioning why he left Swati alone. Quick on his feet, Raghav concocts a lie, claiming that Dimple had run away, and he went after her to bring her back. Raghav reassures Brij Mohan that he made Dimple promise not to repeat such behavior, finally putting his worries to rest.

The following day, the preparations for the engagement ceremony begin at the Srivastav’s residence. Raghav takes a moment to call Bhawana and apologize for his earlier behavior. He then proceeds to share his detailed plan with her, determined to execute it flawlessly and ensure its success. Bhawana, although hopeful, remains concerned that the plan might further escalate the animosity between the families.

[Episode End]

Precap : Both Raghav and Bhawana expressed their grievances to Brij Mohan regarding the events that had transpired. Subsequently, the Shastri family arrived at the Srivastav residence. During the entrance, Savita accidentally slipped, causing the flower petals in the aarti plate to fall on both Raghav and Bhawana, much to the former’s astonishment.

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