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Dheere Dheere Se 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Raghav approaching Swati to inquire about Gaurav’s whereabouts. Subsequently, he provokes Swati against Brij Mohan, assigning him responsibility for Gaurav, before departing. Swati becomes upset by his words. Meanwhile, Abhishek grows agitated upon noticing Gaurav still waiting outside the door. Swati arrives and questions Gaurav’s presence, urging him to accompany her. However, Gaurav refuses. Eventually, she manages to convince Gaurav to join her for a coffee, ensuring that Abhishek remains in the room asleep. Once Gaurav departs, Raghav escorts Abhishek away.

Later, Raghav, Bhawana, Abhishek, and Dimple convene on the balcony. Dimple declines to partake in the Haldi ceremony at Shekhar’s house. Assuring Dimple, Abhishek expresses his belief that Raghav must have devised a plan. Raghav is taken aback by this statement and reveals his responsibility to reconcile the friendship between Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan. Bhawana engages in a heated argument with Raghav, but Dimple manages to calm her down. Bhawana decides to contemplate a solution for the Haldi situation. Raghav then shares his plan to unite the four of them. Meanwhile, Bhanu captures a video of their conversation and becomes determined to thwart their efforts to bring both families together.

Gaurav returned to Abhishek’s room, only to be shocked by his absence. Frantically, he began searching for Abhishek, determined to find him. Meanwhile, Abhishek sought reassurance from the others regarding Raghav’s plan. Bhawana wholeheartedly supported Raghav’s strategy, assuring him that it would undoubtedly work in their favor. Just as Gaurav arrived, Raghav, Bhawana, and Dimple swiftly concealed themselves. Gaurav interrogated Abhishek about leaving his room, but Abhishek skillfully diverted his attention, allowing the others to slip away. Eventually, Abhishek accompanied Gaurav, unaware of the secret departure of the trio.

Unyielding in his determination, Bhanu resolved to prevent the reunion of the two families. The following day, Raghav approached Bhawana, inquiring whether she had pondered over how to fulfill Dimple’s wish. Bhawana disclosed her plan, which involved visiting their house to execute it. Raghav volunteered to assist her. Meanwhile, Bhanu disguised himself as a woman and contacted Raghav, adopting the name “Bakkiyavati.” He instructed Raghav to prepare for a grand reception to welcome “Bakkiyavati.” In another part of the town, Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan engaged in a heated argument over a newspaper. Raghav swiftly intervened, diverting their attention by granting each of them their favorite column in a newspaper. With the distraction in place, Raghav facilitated Bhawana’s discreet exit from the house.

Outside the Shastri’s house, Bhawana noticed a disguised Bhanu and confronted him. Fortunately for Bhanu, Bhawana remained unaware of his true identity, assuming he was merely lost and looking for Raghav’s house. Seizing the opportunity, Bhanu feigned gratitude and accepted Bhawana’s help before making his exit. Meanwhile, inside the Srivastav’s house, Swati initiated the Haldi ceremony with Dimple. Unbeknownst to them, Bhanu arrived disguised as Bakkiyavati. Brij Mohan granted him permission to perform the ritual to ward off evil spirits from Dimple. The tension between Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan escalated through their indirect taunting.

Raghav approached Bakkiyavati, humbly requesting a blessing for his sister. Annoyed, Bhanu concealed his irritation and obliged reluctantly. Malini, disguised herself, discreetly guided Bhanu on the correct method of performing the ritual to remove the evil eye. Swati and Savita, suspicious of Bakkiyavati’s actions, caught him in the act of doing it incorrectly. Meanwhile, Bhawana arrived with the Haldi and a group of musicians, instructing Bhanu to create a distraction. Raghav skillfully diverted everyone’s attention by enticing them to join him in a lively dance. Amidst the joyous atmosphere, Abhishek and Dimple exchanged warm smiles. Bhawana seized the opportunity to pull Abhishek aside and apply the Haldi on him. Raghav joined them and willingly assisted Bhawana in swapping the Haldi. Unbeknownst to them, Bhanu observed their actions, plotting his next move with determination.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhanu becomes increasingly concerned that Aarav may have captured his face on camera, prompting him to quickly alert Malini. Subsequently, Bhanu requests that Malini play the recording in front of everyone present. Accommodating his request, Malini proceeds to play the video, resulting in both families being utterly astonished upon hearing about Raghav and Bhawana’s scheme.

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