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Dheere Dheere Se 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Amit confronting Vidya, insisting on knowing if she disclosed everything to Bhawana. Despite Amit’s aggression, Vidya falsely denies informing Bhawana. Enraged by her response, Amit lunges at Vidya, but before he can harm her, Bhawana intervenes, striking him with a broomstick and warning him about the repercussions of his actions. Amit, consumed by fury, asserts that it is solely a matter between husband and wife, demanding Bhawana to leave immediately. In an attempt to defuse the situation, Vidya pleads with Bhawana to depart. However, Bhawana emphasizes the significance of a woman’s self-respect, daring Amit to strike her and reminding him that the door stands open. Eventually, Amit storms out of the room after issuing threats to both Vidya and Bhawana, leaving Vidya deeply concerned. Bhawana offers solace to Vidya.

Later, in his intoxicated state, Amit becomes furious at Bhawana for interfering in his and Vidya’s affairs. Bhawana confronts him, taunting and insulting him, while also highlighting the impact of his actions on Jagjeevan and Aarushi, something he fails to comprehend. Disregarding her words, Amit dismissively refers to Bhawana as a shameless woman and further threatens her with his plans for Vidya. Bhawana, seething with anger, slaps Amit forcefully, causing him to tumble to the ground.

Infuriated, Amit retaliates by advancing towards Bhawana with a broken bottle of alcohol, intending to harm her. However, just as he is about to strike, Raghav arrives at the scene and restrains Amit, gripping him by the throat. Bhawana, taken aback, pleads with Raghav to release Amit. Raghav ridicules Amit, challenging him to display his strength and even encourages Bhawana to discipline Amit by citing examples of courageous goddesses who fought for their dignity. Raghav hands Bhawana a belt and relinquishes his grip on Amit. Amit implores Bhawana not to punish him under Raghav’s influence. Nevertheless, Bhawana mercilessly subjects Amit to a brutal onslaught. Writhing in pain, Amit begs her to spare him, but Bhawana continues to taunt him. At that moment, Vidya arrives and intervenes, preventing Bhawana from inflicting further harm on Amit.

Vidya was upset with Bhawana for beating Amit, but Bhawana defended her actions and encouraged Vidya to take a stand against Amit’s abusive behavior. Raghav also encouraged Vidya to send Amit to prison, but Vidya remained silent. Amit was shocked, but then he put on an act and said that he realized his mistakes. Raghav mocked Amit for his sudden change of heart, but Bhawana pleaded with Vidya not to fall for his words. Amit continued to act, saying that he regretted each time he hit Vidya and that he loved her very much. Raghav and Bhawana again urged Vidya not to believe Amit, but she remained silent.

Amit then noticed that Vidya wasn’t saying anything, so he pretended to harm himself as a punishment for hurting her. He hit his hand repeatedly while Raghav and Bhawana continued to plead with Vidya not to fall for his words. Finally, Vidya shouted to silence them and told them that she was going to give Amit one last chance. She asked Bhawana to support her, and Bhawana and Raghav were both upset. Amit was happy, however, and Vidya decided to take him home.

As they were leaving, Vidya noticed that Amit wasn’t wearing his footwear. She went to search for them, and Bhawana turned to Amit and said, “The moment Vidya stops being your protective shield, no one can stop her from punishing you.” Amit stared at Bhawana, but she didn’t back down.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhanu confides in Amit about his intention to tarnish Bhawana’s reputation within a span of two days. Amit, willing to assist Bhanu, readily agrees. Subsequently, Bhawana becomes anxious upon receiving a phone call from Vidya, who urgently requests her assistance before Amit can subject her to further harm.

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