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Dheere Dheere Se 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Aanchal expressing her concern to Bhawana about Vidya’s unavailability. In response, Bhawana resolves to locate Vidya’s whereabouts. Malini suggests that Vidya might be at the beauty parlour with Dimple, preparing for her pagphera ritual. She then assigns Bhawana some tasks and proceeds inside. Bhawana occupies herself with the work assigned to her.

Unexpectedly, Raghav arrives at the scene and becomes captivated by Bhawana’s presence. He extends his assistance, bringing a smile to Bhawana’s face. Raghav playfully engages in banter with Bhawana, and she teasingly mocks him about the ring. Raghav jests that she is demeaning his gift, leading Bhawana to burst into laughter. Unbeknownst to them, Bhanu watches their interaction with a smirk. Subsequently, Bhawana enters the premises to fetch Dimple.

Jagjeevan, Bhanu, and Abhishek warmly greet Raghav. Raghav presents a gift from Srivastav’s house, and Bhanu insists it is unnecessary. Raghav justifies his gesture by stating that it is his first visit to his sister-in-law’s house, making a gift appropriate. Malini agrees with him. Shortly after, Dimple arrives, and Raghav showers her with compliments, eliciting her happiness. Raghav playfully teases Abhishek, and Malini performs the aarti for Dimple. Raghav escorts Dimple away, leaving Bhawana emotionally moved, a detail noticed by Aanchal.

Aanchal queries Bhawana about her emotional state, to which Bhawana responds by describing the significance of a girl’s welcome back into her life after marriage. She also mentions that not everyone, like Dimple, is fortunate, alluding to the absence of her brother following Deepak’s demise. Bhawana discovers that Vidya has not yet returned home. She spots Amit and inquires about Vidya. Amit becomes tense initially but then informs Bhawana that Vidya is at her parents’ house due to her mother’s ill health. He further requests Bhawana not to disturb Vidya. Bhawana becomes perplexed by this revelation.

In the evening, Bhawana found herself pondering why Vidya hadn’t returned home yet. Concerned, she decided to call Vidya, only to have Vidya’s mother answer the phone. Surprised by this, Bhawana inquired about Vidya’s whereabouts, but before she could gather more information, Vidya’s father intervened. He muted the call and instructed his wife not to disclose anything about Vidya’s condition. Reluctantly, Vidya’s mother lied to Bhawana, pretending it was her own health that was at stake, and abruptly ended the conversation, leaving Bhawana confused.

Later on, Bhawana noticed that Jagjeevan appeared unwell. She discovered that Jagjeevan’s health was being affected by his diabetes. Determined to help, she decided to obtain his medical report from the hospital. However, as she made her way there, she encountered a situation involving Malini preventing Dimple from attending college. Taking Dimple’s side, Bhawana found herself at odds with Malini, who proceeded to mock both Bhawana and Dimple. Just then, Bhanu arrived and supported Dimple, but eventually manipulated her into reconsidering her decision to go to college. Malini questioned Bhanu’s actions and wondered how long he would keep stalling Dimple. In response, Bhanu asked Malini to trust him.

During a phone conversation, Jagjeevan informed Bhawana that he needed to purchase his medicine again. Bhawana assured Jagjeevan that she would handle it. At that moment, Amit arrived, becoming concerned after learning that Bhawana had gone to the hospital. He quickly hailed an auto-rickshaw, intending to go to the hospital and alert Vidya’s father. Recognizing the urgency, Vidya’s father decided to follow Amit’s instructions. Bhawana noticed Vidya’s father’s presence but accidentally collided with a nurse, causing the files she was carrying to scatter. Amidst the chaos, Bhawana glimpsed Vidya’s name on one of the files and used it as evidence to claim the file as her own. However, Amit snatched the file from Bhawana and lied, telling her it pertained to Vidya’s mother’s illness. Determined to meet Vidya’s mother, Bhawana resolved to find her, unaware that Vidya’s father planned to move an unconscious Vidya to a different room. Amit deliberately misled Bhawana, leading her to enter a ward, where he promptly locked her inside. Undeterred, Bhawana approached a bed, her curiosity piqued.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhawana is filled with shock as she lays eyes on Vidya, who lies unconscious and wounded in the hospital. Overwhelmed by emotions, Bhawana’s anger intensifies, leading her to confront Amit and unleash her fury upon him. Throughout the ordeal, Raghav stands by her side, offering support and companionship.

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