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Dheere Dheere Se 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Savita expressing to Bhawana that she considers her an uninvited guest, thereby implying that her assistance is unnecessary. She urges Bhawana to enter the premises. Meanwhile, Raghav chooses not to lend support to Bhawana in this situation. Bhawana, recognizing the concern of a parent for their child’s well-being, apologizes to Savita for the ongoing conflict and assures her that she comprehends the worries of a parent. Savita indirectly makes a sarcastic remark aimed at Raghav before departing from the scene. Bhawana finds herself contemplating whether their actions are morally right or wrong, prompting her to seek Raghav’s opinion. Raghav asserts that they must proceed with their plan regardless of the consequences, and he gazes into the distance, deep in thought.

In the room, the Shastri family engages in a discussion about the extravagant lifestyle of the Srivastav family. Brij Mohan enters the room and starts taunting the Shastris, leading to an argument between Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan. Just then, Raghav and Bhawana arrive at the scene.

Raghav advises both families to maintain a harmonious front in front of the Shekhar family, emphasizing that the two families are on good terms. However, Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan refuse to comply with Raghav’s request. Bhawana steps in and persuades her family indirectly, provoking them to reconsider their stance. Eventually, even Brij Mohan is convinced.

Meanwhile, Bhanu discovers his food, but becomes upset as it is not hot. This reminds him of the fight between Raghav and Bhawana, and he becomes further upset, attributing his discomfort to their discord. Meanwhile, Raghav informs his family about his arrangements for Dimple’s engagement function. The Srivastavs are elated, but Brij Mohan questions the necessity of all these preparations. At that moment, Vinod arrives with his family and advises Brij Mohan to let Raghav handle everything since he is Dimple’s brother.

Both Brij Mohan and Vinod’s families exchange greetings. The Shastris also arrive at the gathering. Savita performs the aarti for Shekhar, while Vinod asks Brij Mohan about the Shastris. Raghav introduces the Shastris as family friends. Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan put on an act in front of Vinod and his family. Vinod’s wife inquires about Dimple. Swati brings Dimple, but then leaves her there and goes inside to fetch the rings. Raghav daydreams about Bhawana instead of Swati and becomes entranced. He accidentally falls onto the couch, prompting Brij Mohan to question him. Raghav quickly comes up with an excuse.

Savita guides Dimple and Shekhar to their designated places. Raghav asks Bhawana to steal Dimple and Shekhar’s engagement ring. Bhawana exclaims in shock, drawing everyone’s attention. She then fabricates an excuse. Later, she pleads with Raghav not to involve her in this task, but Raghav insists it is her responsibility and leaves with Gaurav to take care of the necessary preparations for the engagement. Bhawana becomes anxious.

Raghav carries out his plan, and Dimple and Abhishek leave the area. Bhawana manages to steal the ring and follows Dimple and Abhishek, with Raghav trailing behind. Outside, everyone struggles with smoke. Inside the room, Raghav and Bhawana reveal to Dimple and Abhishek that they are now engaged. Bhawana gives her ring to Abhishek to put on Dimple’s finger. Abhishek becomes upset as the ring doesn’t match the one Dimple was holding. However, Raghav and Dimple explain the significance of this engagement. Both Abhishek and Dimple exchange the rings. Outside, everyone is shocked when they can’t find Dimple. Dimple eventually arrives and makes up an excuse. Raghav and Abhishek return the ring. Shekhar extends his hand to put the ring on Dimple’s finger but is shocked when he sees her hand.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bhawana and Raghav visit the Shastri’s residence to gather essential items for the night. While navigating the premises, Bhawana slips, prompting Raghav to swiftly hold onto her for support. Unbeknownst to them, Bhanu observes the incident from his concealed location.

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