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Bhagya Lakshmi 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Maliksha questioning Lakshmi’s truthfulness. In response, Lakshmi admits that she has been lying and confesses that Rishi is indeed inside the room. Rishi, who is concealing himself, believes that Lakshmi initially hid him and now reveals the truth, but he remains certain that she will twist the situation somehow. Panic fills Maliksha as she urgently asks for Rishi’s whereabouts. Lakshmi proposes a solution to Maliksha, suggesting that she can search the room for Rishi. If Maliksha finds him, Lakshmi will step outside and publicly apologize by holding her ears. However, if Rishi cannot be found, Maliksha must undertake the same act.

Rishi contemplates that this situation will reveal Lakshmi’s true nature. Meanwhile, Chachi becomes excited at the prospect of Shalu bringing a chain, intending to gift it to Neha. Aware that others might consider her greedy if she directly asks about it, Chachi decides to message Shalu instead. Shalu responds, denying having taken the chain. Chachi feels frustrated and disappointed, realizing that she has lost a significant amount of money. Rishi prays for a miracle to prevent Maliksha from searching for him.

Eventually, Maliksha erupts with anger towards Lakshmi, accusing her of deliberately tarnishing Maliksha’s reputation in front of others. She scolds Lakshmi for being ungrateful and departs, declaring her disinterest in the challenge to find Rishi and humiliate herself by holding her ears.

Once Maliskha had left, Lakshmi beckoned Rishi to come out. Rishi, struggling with severe back pain, explained that he had inadvertently become trapped under the table. Empathetic and amused, Lakshmi lent a hand to free him from his predicament. With a wry sense of humor, Rishi playfully mentioned exacting revenge on Vikrant. Meanwhile, the salesgirls engaged in a discussion about Rishi and Lakshmi mysteriously disappearing with the mangalsutra. Intrigued, Maliskha approached Vikrant and inquired why he hadn’t entered the room earlier. He cited an injury as the reason for his delay. Sensing something amiss, Maliskha informed Vikrant that only Lakshmi had been inside the room, with Rishi conspicuously absent. Determined to investigate further, they both returned to the room.

Inside the room, Rishi attempted to open the mangalsutra but found his efforts futile. In the midst of their dilemma, a saleswoman happened upon their hideout. Considering their covert behavior, she surmised that they must have had a compelling reason to hide and resolved to assist them. However, their plans were momentarily interrupted as Maliskha and Vikrant reentered the room, leaving Lakshmi and Rishi scrambling to conceal themselves. As the confusion mounted, the saleswoman’s determination to help them only grew stronger.

The saleswoman concocts an excuse and conceals the truth for Rishi and Lakshmi. After conversing with the saleswoman, Vikrant and Malishka deduce that Rishi might have arrived first. At that time, Vikrant encountered Rishi, and later on, Lakshmi arrived after Rishi had departed. When Lakshmi arrived, Malishka met her. Subsequently, Vikrant and Malishka depart from the location.

Rishi gazes at Lakshmi, embracing her tightly, and confesses his love for her. Rishi expresses that whenever he attempts to distance himself from her, he yearns to be closer with an intense desire. Lakshmi rebukes him, labeling his behavior as incorrect, and urges him to leave. Lakshmi endeavors to rouse Rishi from his reverie, and eventually, he awakens, realizing it was merely a dream.

Ayush inquires why Shalu appears troubled, to which she responds with her worry about Vikrant’s family blaming Lakshmi and Rishi. Ayush expresses his perspective that it would be beneficial if they argue and end the marriage. Shalu, however, expresses her desire to avoid Lakshmi’s marriage being called off while Rishi and Lakshmi face criticism. Ayush acknowledges her viewpoint and compliments her. Observing the salesman packing the chosen Mangalsutra for Vikrant’s family, Ayush becomes curious and decides to investigate. To his surprise, Ayush discovers a message accompanying the Mangalsutra, saying “My love,” and questions the salesman about it. The salesman reveals that the message was chosen by Vikrant, leaving Ayush astonished.

Later, Rishi apologizes to Lakshmi and feels elated upon noticing the Mangalsutra removed from her neck. Rishi and Lakshmi express their gratitude towards the saleswoman.

Ayush informs Shalu that Vikrant refers to Lakshmi as “My love.” Shalu expresses her complaint to Ayush about it. Ayush advises Shalu to remain calm.

Neelam reaches out to Anjana to inquire about the current situation. Anjana assures Neelam that everything is fine and mentions that Lakshmi is in another section, observing the jewelry. Neelam ends the call afterward. Saloni questions Anjana about why she didn’t tell Neelam the truth, that Lakshmi isn’t present. Anjana responds by asking Saloni what they would do if they found Lakshmi and reassures her that everything is fine. Anjana requests Saloni to be patient until they locate Lakshmi, and Saloni agrees.

Vikrant and Malishka locate Rishi and interrogate him, asking where he had disappeared to. Rishi insists that he had been present all along.

[Episode End]

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