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Bhagya Lakshmi 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Virendra and Neelam extending warm invitations to the guests for Vikrant and Lakshmi’s engagement ceremony. The guests express their admiration for the Oberois, acknowledging their heartfelt efforts in arranging the marriage of their daughter-in-law with the same love and enthusiasm as they would for their own daughter. Virendra proudly declares that Lakshmi is indeed their beloved daughter.

Amidst the joyous occasion, Shalu and Bani make their entrance at the engagement venue. Virendra warmly greets them and inquires about their well-being. Shalu and Bani respond by expressing their concerns, confessing that they are uncertain about how long they can remain strong, considering Lakshmi is soon going to be married.

Meanwhile, Karishma and Kiran, feeling a sense of relief, contemplate the imminent departure of Lakshmi from the house as she prepares to embark on her married life. As fate would have it, Lakshmi’s bangles accidentally slip from her hands and roll towards Rishi’s feet. As Rishi notices Lakshmi and reminisces about their shared moments, he compliments her on her stunning appearance. To ward off any potential negative influence, Rishi gently places a black mark behind Lakshmi’s ear, symbolizing protection from the evil eye.

Observing Rishi and Lakshmi together, Shalu and Bani can’t help but perceive them as a perfect match. Deep in their thoughts, they quietly depart from the scene.

Lakshmi urges Rishi to leave, fearing that their close proximity might be misinterpreted by others. Despite being physically apart, Rishi and Lakshmi communicate with each other through their heartfelt emotions. Rishi wonders why fate insists on keeping them separated, while tears well up in Lakshmi’s eyes, knowing that she will have to depart from Rishi. Tenderly, Rishi wipes away her tears and departs from the scene.

Ayush proudly boasts about his three devised plans to thwart the impending engagement. Shalu and Bani approach Ayush, who continues to laud himself for his efforts in front of them. Impressed, Shalu and Bani shower Ayush with praise. Ayush then invites them to select one of his plans.

Vikrant observes the unsettling silence around him and becomes concerned. His father asks Anjana to call and inquire about Saloni’s whereabouts. Anjana takes the opportunity to make a snide comment about Saloni.

Bani and Shalu examine all of Ayush’s plans, realizing that they involve either kidnapping Vikrant or Lakshmi. Disapprovingly, Shalu scolds Ayush for his impractical ideas. Ayush challenges Shalu to propose a better plan, to which she responds by suggesting they resort to inauspicious means to cancel the engagement. Ayush reminds Shalu that her plan would only postpone the engagement, not cancel it.

Bani intervenes, ending their argument, and suggests that they brainstorm a plan together to halt the impending engagement. She volunteers to approach Lakshmi with their ideas.

Neelam approaches Karishma and discloses the news of Lakshmi being in danger that day. Later, Karishma reveals to Neelam that she took measures to ensure Rishi stays away from Lakshmi. Curious, Neelam inquires about Karishma’s actions, to which Karishma discloses her act of mixing sleeping pills into Rishi’s juice and assigning Sonia to monitor him. Neelam expresses concern over Sonia’s awareness of the sleeping pills, but Karishma assures her that Sonia is on their side.

Sonia arrives with Mukesh, carrying a glass of juice for Rishi. Sensing Rishi’s sadness on the day of Lakshmi’s engagement, Sonia pays him a visit. She advises Rishi to stop dwelling on Lakshmi and instead focus on his feelings for Malishka. Sonia then drinks the juice along with Rishi and receives a phone call that prompts her to leave the room.

Sonia discovers Ayush and Shalu together and confronts Shalu about her intentions. Sonia confidently speculates on Shalu’s motives, suggesting that she may be trying to deceive Ayush and enter their household. Ayush makes a sarcastic remark in response, but Sonia asserts that they cannot do anything to prevent the engagement, knowing well their intentions.

[Episode End]

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