Bekaaboo 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Patali issuing an order to Bela, instructing her to massage her feet. She proceeded to almost demean Bela, seeking to provoke Ranav against her. As Bela began massaging Patali’s feet, the latter feigned pain and screamed, aiming to deceive Ranav. However, Ranav remained silent. Unexpectedly, Mallika and Nayra engaged in a dispute over the opportunity to massage Patali’s feet. Patali reprimanded Nayra and Mallika, demanding that they cease their argument.

Later, at the lunch table, while everyone was quietly having their meal, Patali suddenly began shouting at Bela. She proceeded to make derogatory remarks about Bela’s mother and cast aspersions on her upbringing. Patali’s objective was to incite Ranav, and she succeeded. Ranav raised his voice, instructing Patali not to speak disrespectfully about Bela’s mother, as they were their guests. Subsequently, when Bela attempted to express her gratitude to Ranav, he insulted her, leaving Bela hurt and distraught. Determined not to waste her tears on Ranav, she could not hold them back.

Later on, Patali was observed gleefully reveling in her success of instigating Ranav against Bela. Her plan was to bring Bela and Ranav closer so that Ranav could consume Bela’s blood and gain more power. Nayra entered Patali’s room and expressed her frustration about not getting an opportunity to attack Ranav due to his proximity to Bela. Patali warned Nayra not to interfere in the relationship between Ranav and Bela, emphasizing her desire for them to become closer.

Meanwhile, Ranav sat in his room, contemplating the identity of the masked man. Suddenly, he felt as though someone was watching him from outside the window. Opening the window, he ventured outside and caught sight of the masked man. Another confrontation ensued, but Ranav failed to see the man’s face. During their altercation, Ranav sustained burns to his face. Bela rushed to his aid and tended to his wound. As they tended to him, Ranav noticed a button that had become stuck to his clothes during their fight.

Yamini discovered Nayra in the midst of packing her belongings and questioned her about why she intended to leave her childhood sweetheart, Ranav. Sensing that Nayra was aware of their true identities as rakshasas, Yamini proposed a deal: she would assist Nayra in uncovering Patali’s secret if Nayra helped bring Ranav and Nayra closer.

During a visit to the temple for a puja, Bela received an unexpected phone call that went unanswered. Suddenly, she heard her mother’s piercing scream from inside the temple. Concerned, Bela rushed inside to investigate but found no trace of anyone. Before she knew it, a masked man struck her and abducted her. News of Bela’s abduction reached Ranav through Daruka.

When Bela regained consciousness, she realized she was trapped within a magical chamber where her powers were rendered useless. Rajpari’s mother learned about Bela’s kidnapping and made the decision to descend to Earth to rescue her. Ranav arrived at the temple and discovered a stone and traces of blood on the ground, leading him to suspect that the mysterious “Nakab posh” might be behind Bela’s abduction. Desperate for help, Bela fervently prayed to Adi Shakti.

Ranav decided to wear the additional pair of bracelets that Daadi had given to Bela. Remarkably, both bracelets emitted a radiant glow. With the aid of the bracelet’s guidance, Ranav located the place where Bela was being held captive. Although Ranav attempted to use his powers, the door remained impenetrable. Determined, both Ranav and Bela combined their powers, ultimately succeeding in unlocking the mystical door and setting Bela free.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rajpari launches an assault on Ranav, while Yamini directs her aggression towards Bela in an attempt to uncover her true identity.

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