Bekaaboo 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the mysterious man employing his powers to repel Ranav. Startled, Ranav urges Bela to return home and seek assistance. A heated argument ensues between them, causing Bela to initially consider going back but ultimately changing her mind. Unexpectedly, someone forcefully shoves Bela, causing her to stumble and fall. Meanwhile, Ranav comes to the rescue of Bela’s mother, just as Pari Ma arrives at the scene and launches an attack on Ranav. Inquiring about the whereabouts of Raj Pari, Pari Ma relentlessly assaults Ranav once again. Denying any wrongdoing towards Raj Pari, Ranav attempts to reason with Pari Ma, who insists that he is a curse to her daughter. It is then that Bela discovers it was Yamini who struck her. Yamini confronts Bela, promising to uncover her true identity and unravel Patali’s motives behind her efforts to unite Ranav and Pari. Yamini viciously scratches Bela with her menacing nails, prompting Bela to push her away and flee. In her haste, Bela accidentally collides with Nayra and falls to the ground. Witnessing the altercation, Bela’s mother implores Pari Ma to refrain from attacking Ranav, but Pari Ma, consumed by fury, remains resolute. Pari Ma even directs her aggression towards Bela’s mother. Just as Yamini is about to bite Bela to ascertain her status as a Pari, Patali intervenes, saving Bela from harm. Patali and Yamini engage in a fierce battle against each other, with Patali warning Yamini to retreat. Overwhelmed, Bela’s mother collapses and loses consciousness, while Ranav desperately defends himself against the attacks. Pari Ma employs the Param Ghatak astra against Ranav, but he manages to narrowly evade its effects. As a last resort, he erases Bela’s mother’s memory and departs from the scene.

Rajpari’s mother seeks out Devlekha and reveals that she knows Devlekha’s true identity, urging her not to hide any longer. She expresses her yearning to hear the word “Ma” from Devlekha’s lips. Devlekha confides in her mother that she cannot return to Pari Lok yet, as her mission remains unfinished. Pari Ma reminds her that loving Ranav is not possible, given his Rakshasa nature. However, Devlekha adamantly refuses to accompany her mother back to Pari Lok. Bela, in turn, implores her mother not to return to Earth and allows her to continue her work. She vows to find her own path back to Pari Lok, encouraging Pari Ma to stay strong and have faith. Pari Ma reciprocates by urging Bela to remain resilient. Determined, Bela requests that Pari Ma refrain from returning to Earth, no matter the circumstances, as she intends to face whatever challenges lie ahead on her own. Meanwhile, Ranav apprehends Yamini and issues a stern warning, cautioning her against further harm to Bela, lest her family face dire consequences. Patali reinforces the message, reminding Yamini that she spared her once but won’t hesitate to take stronger action now. Patali reveals that she has witnessed love in Ranav’s eyes and desires to see him happy.

Bela expressed her gratitude towards Ranav for rescuing both her and her mother. In response, Ranav explained that his original intention was to target the Nakab Posh, but upon encountering Bela and her mother, he felt compelled to protect them. Despite their appreciation for one another, an argument erupted between Ranav and Bela. The situation took a surprising turn when Ranav revealed the Nakab Posh’s button to Bela, and she recognized it, having seen it before. Determined to investigate further, Bela led Ranav to a shop where they discovered that the button had been sewn onto a woman’s overcoat. Their curiosity intensified when they examined an address book together. Bela immediately recognized the address as her former neighborhood, where she had once resided.

Intrigued by this new information, they decided to visit an old neighbor who informed them about a peculiar house. Driven by curiosity, they broke into the house, only to find it devoid of any significant findings. As they exited the premises, they unexpectedly encountered Bela’s mother. Surprised by her presence, they learned that she had come to meet Panditji. To ensure their safety, Bela’s mother presented them with two rings bestowed upon them by Panditji.

To their astonishment, it became apparent that Bela’s mother was the true culprit behind the Nakab Posh, responsible for all the troubles that had ensued. She reminisced while gazing at her bangle, confessing that it was the only possession she could salvage from Pari Lok when she was banished from there. Furthermore, it was she who had orchestrated Ashwath’s murder, acting upon someone else’s orders, and had handed over the asiastra to that individual.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bela expressed her concern to Ranav, sharing her uneasy premonition of an impending catastrophe. As if in alignment with her fears, Yamini resurfaced, launching yet another assault on Bela.

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