Bekaaboo 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Daadi urging Ranav not to let his anger cause him to lose Bela. Daadi expresses that she has witnessed the love in Bela’s eyes for Ranav. Suddenly, a group of goons infiltrates Bela’s room and attacks her. In distress, Bela flees from the room, calling out for Ranav’s help. In the darkness, she accidentally bumps into someone and assumes it is Ranav, embracing him. Yamini and Ranav enter the room, discovering Bela in Vijay’s arms. Perplexed, Yamini questions Bela about the situation. Bela explains that there were goons in her room, so she ran towards Ranav but mistook Vijay for him. Though annoyed, Ranav fails to notice the full context. Yamini investigates Bela’s room but finds no one there. She gathers everyone in the hall, turning the incident into a public spectacle.

When questioned about Vijay’s presence, he fabricates a story in front of everyone, alleging that Bela and Vijay were always together and that Bela only married Ranav for his wealth. Amidst the chaos, Mallika, Ranav, and Yamini give Daadi an ultimatum to choose between having Bela in their house or them. Daadi, hurt and angered, becomes resentful towards Bela. Ranav instructs Bela to leave their house. Bela and her mother depart from Ranav’s house. As they are leaving, Ranav arrives, and Bela confronts him, asking if he orchestrated the entire chaos. Ranav confesses that he was behind it all. In response, Bela vows to seek revenge. Ranav warns her never to return, as his family might harm her.

Ranav shuts the main entrance of their house in Bela’s face, and she turns around and walks away. Previously, Ranav overheard Yamini informing Yudith that there must be a “Pari” in their house, who was not Mallika. Yamini reveals their need to discover this “Pari” and for Yudith to consume their blood, enabling them to dominate the seven lokas and grant Yudith greater power than Ranav. Thus, Ranav devises a plan to ensure Bela’s safety. To achieve this, he provides Vijay with money to portray Bela as a negative character.

Later, Patali was observed engaged in a phone conversation. When Ranav inquired about it, she revealed that someone had stolen an astra from Rakshas Mandir with the intent of harming Paris. Initially, Ranav suspected Patali herself of being the thief. However, he soon realized that it was someone else entirely, the same individual who had previously attacked him and nearly took his life.

Meanwhile, at the guest house where Bela and her mother were waiting, an assailant targeted Bela’s mother, causing her to faint. Alerted by this incident, Bela ventured outside and discovered a masked figure standing there. The intruder then attacked Bela, employing the stolen astra. Just in the nick of time, Ranav arrived and rescued Bela from harm. Concerned for her safety and eager to uncover the masked person’s identity, he urged Bela and her mother to return to his home.

However, Bela’s mother adamantly refused to go back with Ranav. In response, he requested Vijay to retract his previous statements in front of everyone. Eventually, Ranav convinced Bela and her mother to accompany him back to his residence. Furthermore, he compelled Vijay to confess his deceitful motives of seeking revenge against Bela, making him apologize publicly.

After the break, Bela extended her forgiveness to Vijay. Dadi approached Vijay, delivered a resounding slap, and expressed her perpetual resentment for his actions. Ranav intervened, urging Dadi to calm down, and she subsequently apologized to Bela and her mother. However, Bela and her mother reassured Dadi that no apology was necessary and advised her to rest.

Previously, Ranav had given ten lac rupees to Vijay as a reward for divulging the truth. However, Vijay, despite accepting the money, claimed that he would have done the task for free and cursed Bela. Enraged by this audacity, Ranav retaliated by punching Vijay and issuing a stern warning never to utter anything derogatory about Bela again.

[Episode End]

Precap : Patali is devising a scheme to thwart Bela’s ambitions in order to realize her own aspirations!

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