Bekaaboo 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Ranav attempting to remove the dirt from his shirt after returning from the theater. Unaware that Bela was inside the washroom changing her clothes, Ranav inadvertently entered the washroom. Startled, Bela screamed and hastily shut the door, accidentally hurting Ranav’s nose. This led to a heated argument between the two. Ranav explained to Bela that he had returned early because the movie had ended sooner than expected.

Suddenly, a realization struck Ranav that he had seen someone wearing the same bangle his mother had shown him earlier. Determined to find her, he hurriedly returned to the theater. Upon arrival, he noticed a woman driving a car who had already left. Driven by curiosity, Ranav decided to follow the car, which eventually led him to a dense jungle. However, to his disappointment, the woman was nowhere to be found inside the car.

Meanwhile, Nayra noticed Bela standing on the balcony late at night and questioned her about it. Nayra clarified that she had accompanied Ranav to the theater earlier as per Patali dadi’s insistence. Bela nonchalantly responded, stating that she didn’t care if Ranav went out with any girl. Suddenly, Nayra received a call informing her that someone had found her dad, but she needed to go and locate him herself. Bela decided to accompany Nayra to the location sent to Nayra’s phone.

As Ranav continued his search in the jungle, he remained unsuccessful in locating the mysterious woman.

Nayra and Bela embarked on a quest through the jungle in search of Nayra’s long-lost father. Unexpectedly, from the shadows, Patali stealthily approached them, swiftly thrusting a knife into Nayra’s abdomen. Acting swiftly, Bela rushed to the scene and removed the knife just as Ranav arrived. Concerned and agitated, Ranav inquired about the attacker’s identity, to which Nayra, weak and in pain, pointed accusingly at Bela. It appeared that Patali and Nayra were in cahoots, orchestrating this sinister plot beforehand. Astonishingly, the woman Ranav had glimpsed wearing the same distinctive bangle that Patali had shown him turned out to be Nayra herself. Nayra and Patali conspired to orchestrate Nayra’s father’s demise, luring Ranav to witness the ghastly spectacle.

After Nayra and Ranav returned from the hospital, the police arrived, bearing news that they were still searching for his father. Observing Nayra’s wound, the officers inquired about its origin. Mallika, with deceit in her eyes, pointed the finger at Bela, claiming she was the culprit. Nayra, however, defended Bela, asserting her innocence. Amidst the mounting accusations against Bela, Dadi remained steadfast in her belief that Bela could never commit such a heinous act. Doubt nagged at Bela’s thoughts as she pondered Nayra’s motivations for orchestrating this convoluted scheme.

In the midst of this turmoil, Ranav received an unexpected call, informing him that the car he had been seeking had been stolen.

Ranav entered his bedroom and confronted Bela, accusing her of stabbing Nayra. He demanded an explanation for her actions. Bela, overcome with emotion, yelled back, insisting that she was telling the truth. She revealed that ever since their marriage, Ranav had been making similar accusations. Under immense stress, Bela admitted to stabbing Nayra out of jealousy, confessing that she would harm anyone who got close to her. Ranav branded Bela a psychopath and expressed his disdain for such behavior. Meanwhile, Patali overheard the heated argument between Ranav and Bela, and she reveled in their turmoil. She was ecstatic and even congratulated Nayra. Unbeknownst to Patali, Nayra was aware that it was actually Pratham inhabiting Ranav’s body, and she desired Pratham’s presence. Patali declared her preference for the demonic Pratham, not the compassionate and human side of him, as only the former could uncover the aisastra. Patali desired to further empower Pratham by having him consume Pari’s blood, hoping to draw him away from the path of light and into darkness. She commanded Nayra to make Pratham belong to her. Meanwhile, as Bela headed to the kitchen to prepare their meals, Nayra instructed the servants to prepare food for Ranav. Bela, with a mix of admiration and regret, complimented Nayra on her acting skills, wishing she had known the truth about her earlier. Nayra assured Bela that no matter what she did, Ranav would only love her, as he disliked “bad girls.” Bela grasped Nayra’s hands and delved into her thoughts, discovering that Patali was aligned with Nayra, but they both understood that it was Pratham residing in Ranav’s body. Bela pondered what Patali truly desired from Pratham.

Nayra pleaded with Ranav to refrain from being angry with Bela over the incident. Bela, on the other hand, insisted that Ranav move away from Nayra and find another place to sit. With her sugary words, Bela proceeded to humiliate Nayra. To further embarrass her, Bela served Nayra a bowl of spicy daal, causing Nayra to cough uncontrollably. Bela justified the spiciness by claiming that she had prepared it to suit Ranav’s taste preferences. Surprisingly, Ranav enjoyed the fiery daal, much to Patali’s surprise, who had suspected Ranav of having a vampiric tendency.

Patali attempted to manipulate Ranav against Bela, asserting that he should not acknowledge Bela as his wife. However, when Nayra proposed going on a sightseeing tour to Rajnagar and indulging in golgappa together, Ranav agreed. Bela intervened, expressing her desire to join them, and Ranav consented. The trio embarked on the tour, arriving at a park where Bela witnessed a girl accidentally bumping into Ranav. Seizing the opportunity, Bela exaggerated her possessiveness over Ranav, nearly causing a scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ranav’s devotion to Nayra is such that he would go to extreme lengths, even resorting to taking a human life.

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