Bekaaboo 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Ranav and Bela seeking Dadi’s blessings. Dadi bestows her blessings upon them. Ranav inquires whether Dadi has invited all the guests. Dadi responds by stating that Yamini extended the invitations. At that moment, Patali arrives. Dadi urges Bela to seek Patali’s blessings. Yamini informs Ranav and Bela that she has accepted them and asserts that no one can separate them. However, Yamini secretly believes she can indeed separate them. She recollects the instance when she discovered Pari’s curse by perusing her father’s book. Yamini joins Ranav in a dance, and Patali suspects that Yamini is plotting something.

Curiosity piqued, Ranav questions Yamini about her intentions. Yamini deceives him and convinces Bela to join them on the dance floor. Ranav dances with Bela and advises her not to feel anxious, reminding her that everyone at the party is human. Shekar approaches Yamini and inquires about the implementation of her plan. Yamini assures him that it is already underway. Adi and Yudhir mislead Patali, disguising themselves as Naqab Posh, and lure her away from the house. Patali inadvertently falls into an ancient temple and experiences discomfort in the presence of the goddess. Meanwhile, Yamini serves Dadi spiked juice, causing her to suffer from partial paralysis.

Bela’s heart filled with tension as she noticed the mark on Server’s hand, indicating Mark’s presence. When Ranav inquired about her distress, Bela hesitated, realizing she couldn’t divulge Pari’s curse to a Rakshas. Instead, she shared her unease, expressing her premonition of impending danger. Bela beseeched Ranav to stay close to her side. Soon after, Ranav’s phone rang, and he hurriedly answered, only to hear Patali’s desperate cries for help. Without wasting a moment, he rushed off to rescue his mother. Bela, noticing Ranav’s absence at the party, became concerned and went to check on him, but he was nowhere to be found. Upon her return, she discovered the dance floor vacant, only to be surrounded by Yamini and her cohorts. Confused by the presence of numerous Naqab Posh figures, Bela watched as they unveiled their faces. Yamini removed her mask, revealing her sinister intentions to Bela. She gloated, declaring that Ranav would not come to her aid. Yamini disclosed her alliance with the Majware clan, who possessed the power to end Pari’s life as dictated by Vishnu’s curse. Members of the Majware clan, marked on their hands, ensnared Bela in a net. Helplessly witnessing the events unfold, Dadi could do nothing. Bela’s powers proved ineffective against her captors, compelling her to urgently reach out to Ranav for assistance.

Ranav successfully rescued Patali from the cave and questioned her about her presence there. Patali explained that she had followed a Naqab Posh figure, revealing a conspiracy to separate them from Bela. Realizing the extent of Yamini’s machinations, Ranav grew determined to reach Bela. Concerned for Dadi’s well-being, Bela implored Yamini not to harm her.

Upon returning, Ranav encountered an impenetrable protective barrier surrounding the house, a clear indication of Yamini’s plan. Bela’s cries for help intensified Ranav’s resolve. He pleaded with Yamini to spare Bela, but she remained resolute in her pursuit of power, vowing not to release Bela until she acquired the desired abilities. Instructing the Majware clan to apprehend Bela from behind, Ranav summoned every ounce of his strength to breach the barrier. To his surprise, the interior of the house stood empty. Turning to Dadi, he sought information on Bela’s whereabouts, only to find her in a distraught state, unable to respond. Realizing the severity of the situation, Ranav erased Dadi’s memories and gently put her to sleep.

Following Bela’s voice, Ranav raced to her side. Witnessing her escape from the net, Bela warned the Majware people to keep their distance. They sneered in response. As Bela found herself by the river, she seized the opportunity to use a boat as an escape route. Yamini’s sinister smirk revealed her intention to fulfill Vishnu’s curse, which dictated Pari’s demise in water. She attacked the boat, causing it to falter. Unaware of Bela’s peril, Ranav pondered her whereabouts, consumed by worry. Just as Bela fell into the river, she called out Ranav’s name. Sensing her imminent danger, tears welled up in Ranav’s eyes.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bela and Ranav forge a stronger bond as they grow closer to each other.

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