Bekaaboo 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Nayra expressing her desire to go back home, prompting Ranav to share the same sentiment. However, Bela, not wanting Ranav to accompany Nayra, opposes their decision. In an effort to capture Ranav’s attention, Nayra devises a dramatic scheme right in the middle of the road. She pretends to be a victim of molestation by a stranger and fiercely defends herself by attacking the individual. Her blows are so forceful that the man begins to bleed. The piercing cries of Nayra reach Ranav’s ears, manipulating his perception of the situation. Upon hearing Nayra’s screams, Ranav rushes towards the scene of the altercation, determined to rescue her. Engaging in a fight with the man, Ranav emerges victorious, having defeated his adversary. The sight of human blood touches Ranav deeply, pushing him perilously close to losing his temper.

Nayra desired for Ranav to consume human blood, hoping it would amplify his monstrous nature. However, Beka firmly opposed this idea, and Ranav genuinely heeded her words. Bela hurried to Ranav’s side, checking on his well-being. Suddenly, water cascaded onto Ranav’s face, seemingly from nowhere. Bela cradled his face, diligently wiping away the blood from his cheeks. She embraced him tightly, seeking to calm his agitated state and alleviate the thirst within his mind. Within Bela’s arms, Ranav felt a profound sense of relief.

Patali scolded Nayra, attributing her failure to accomplish the mission, and delivered a resounding slap across her face. Nayra elucidated how Bela continuously diverted Ranav from becoming ferocious and wild. Nayra acknowledged the depth of their bond and love. Upon hearing Bela and Ranav’s love story, Patali’s fury towards Nayra intensified. Patali yearned to regain custody of her son. Unbeknownst to them, Bela inadvertently made a sound that captured Patali’s attention, exposing her presence. Nayra caught Bela red-handed, and Patali demanded a confrontation between them.

Bela claims to have overheard their conversation, while Patali recollects how Bela had foiled her plans right from the beginning. Patali expresses her intense dislike for Bela and Ranav’s relationship, warning Bela to leave Ranav or face her wrath, even threatening to kill her. Fearlessly, Bela dismisses Patali’s negativity and dark powers, emphasizing her unwavering faith in the divine. Patali disregards Bela’s words, belittling the power of the Almighty, but Bela remains undaunted by her megalomaniacal remarks.

Patali perceives that Bela is no ordinary girl and inquires about her true identity. In a show of strength, Bela confidently confesses that she is a Pari, and asserts her determination to triumph over Patali, just as she had done in the past. A fierce battle ensues between Patali and Bela, with Patali forcefully pushing Bela away. Both combatants unleash their supernatural powers against each other. Patali summons a host of sinister birds as a manifestation of her dark power, while Bela fervently prays to the omnipotent for salvation.

However, Bela’s confession turned out to be nothing more than a figment of her imagination. Despite that, she portrays herself as innocent and oblivious to Patali’s motives. As Patali removes her own mask, Bela takes the opportunity to taunt her for her hypocrisy. Patali, challenged by Bela, decides to slap her in front of Ranav.

In her room, Bela becomes insecure due to Patali’s challenge. She concocts a plan to prove Ranav’s love for her by faking an attack on herself. Ranav rushes to her aid, expressing his concern and care. However, his irritation with Bela’s childish behavior soon surfaces, and he leaves the room, calling her a silly girl. Nevertheless, Bela responds with a loving smile towards Ranav.

Meanwhile, Mallika arrives to invite them to her son’s birthday party. The party begins, and Patali notices Bela and Ranav’s arrival. Yudith is assigned to keep Nayra company, but Nayra attempts to gain Ranav’s attention and win his heart. Ranav directs Nayra’s attention towards other boys to distract her, but she continues to seek his favor. Bela joins the scene and mocks Nayra’s insecurity, acknowledging that such attractions towards men are natural. However, she purposely stands close to Ranav and urges Nayra to leave him alone, reminding her that Ranav is already a married man. Irritated, Nayra chooses to remain silent.

Bela skillfully manages the tension that exists between Nayra and Ranav, ultimately succeeding in removing Nayra from the spotlight. The party is inaugurated by Mallika, who warmly and dramatically welcomes Nayra to the event. Mallika teases that she has an extraordinary surprise in store for both Yudith and Nayra. The party kicks off with Mallika’s sizzling dance performance, captivating the audience. After a while, Yudith and Nayra take the stage together for a joint performance. Despite Nayra’s attempt to entice Ranav with her sensual dance movements, Bela intervenes and takes Ranav’s hand, leading him into a captivating dance with her. They perform flawlessly together, leaving the audience mesmerized.

Following their enchanting performance, Bela makes her way towards her room but is unexpectedly jolted by Patali, causing her to stumble and fall down the stairs. Dadi requests Bela to retrieve Yudith’s gift from upstairs, prompting Bela to ascend the staircase. However, Patali, invisible to everyone, maliciously pushes Bela from the stairs. Ranav reprimands Patali for her actions, but Bela insists that she was pushed by Patali. Patali, on the other hand, blames Bela for orchestrating a dramatic act.

Concerned for Bela’s well-being, Ranav swiftly gathers her in his arms and carries her to the safety of their room.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ranav and Bela are gearing up for an epic face-off, each fully aware of the formidable power possessed by the other.

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