Bekaaboo 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bekaaboo 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds with Bela remarking, “You’re smiling.” Ranav responds, “You girls are impossible.” Bela counters, “You guys are impossible.” He urges her to drink water to avoid dehydration. Bela playfully jokes and laughs while he departs. She ponders, “Why am I smiling?” Intrigued, she follows the sound and overhears Shekhar and Adi discussing a plan to test Mallika. Concerned for Mallika’s well-being, Bela anxiously listens. In the jungle, Mandodari and Yamini accompany Mallika, questioning her failure to save Dadi and questioning her status as a Pari. Mallika proudly asserts, “I am my dad’s Pari.” Mandodari proposes a game, mentioning various objects that can either fly or remain grounded. Without warning, they forcefully push Mallika off the cliff. Yamini reveals, “Her father is my business partner.” Paatali, also known as Mandodari, declares, “If she’s truly a Pari, she will fly; otherwise, she will perish.” Mallika plummets downward while Bela frantically searches for her.

Ranav encounters Adi and engages in a heated argument with him. Meanwhile, Mandodari and Yamini catch sight of Mallika, who they believed to be dead, but now alive. Astonished, they proclaim her to be a Pari, a mythical being. Seizing the opportunity, Yamini commands her wolves to attack Mallika, and they heed her order, launching an assault on her. However, in the nick of time, Bela arrives and rescues Mallika. Bela asserts that fairies embody life and love. Mallika reveals that Bela is a fairy, and Mandodari and Yamini have been searching for her. Observing the wolves retreating, Mandodari and Yamini wonder if it was the Pari who stopped them. Yamini concludes that the Pari may have halted the attack but asserts that the Pari is now gone and cannot impede her. Unbeknownst to them, Ranav arrives at the jungle and overhears Yamini’s words. Sensing something amiss, Mandodari conceals herself, while Ranav reprimands Yamini, vowing to protect Mallika at all costs. Undeterred, Yamini insults Ranav, likening him to his foolish father. A clash of powers ensues between Ranav and Yamini, with Mandodari silently observing as Ranav emerges victorious over Yamini. Fleeing the scene, Yamini is pursued by Ranav. Meanwhile, Bela conceals herself from their sight. They eventually reunite with Mallika, where Yamini confesses that they had consumed Mallika’s blood but failed to acquire any powers, indicating that Mallika is not a fairy. Mallika asserts her non-fairy status, while Ranav intervenes, stating that if she were truly a fairy, she would not have sustained injuries. He implores Yamini to cease her investigation. Nevertheless, Yamini remains determined to find the truth and launches an attack. Standing as Mallika’s shield, Ranav insists that she is not a fairy. Mallika begins to disclose the truth, but Ranav erases her memory, ensuring she forgets everything. Mandodari witnesses this astonishing turn of events, left in a state of shock.

Mallika collapses, and he swiftly catches her, carrying her in his arms. As Mandodari reminisces about her first encounter with Ranav, she ponders the extraordinary ability possessed by Pratham to erase memories. Realizing that he must be Pratham and not Ranav, she exclaims with astonishment, “How is this possible? My son Pratham has returned!” A joyous smile graces her face. Yamini playfully remarks that Mandodari had hidden herself from Ranav during their game of hide and seek. Mandodari responds, acknowledging that Ranav is following in his grandfather’s footsteps, but she believes Pratham will support her. She mentions Bela as a potential fairy, recalling how she had once saved an elderly woman. Yamini is taken aback and comments that Bela had acted out of humanity. Mandodari speculates that perhaps Bela saved Mallika today and ponders whether there is a hidden motive behind her marriage to a Rakshas. Determined to uncover the truth, she declares that they must investigate Bela’s intentions.

Bela discovers a bouquet of flowers and wonders who sent them, quickly realizing they are from Ranav. She reads the accompanying thank-you note and expresses disbelief, contemplating whether Ranav has developed feelings for her. Uncertain about whether to go, she ultimately decides to meet him at the jungle cliff. Confused about why he would call her there, she proceeds cautiously, eventually arriving at a foreboding location.

Mandodari asserts that they will soon find out if Bela is truly a fairy. Yamini urges the devil to attack and eliminate her. Meanwhile, Bela questions why Ranav summoned her to this eerie place. Suddenly, a viscous liquid drips onto her, prompting her to inspect it closely. She notices a sticky substance and is filled with fear as she catches sight of the approaching devil. Unable to evade the creature, Bela falls to the ground.

Mandodari declares her intention to transform into a Pari and launch an attack on him. Bela shuts her eyes tightly, grasping a pot tightly in her hands, preparing to strike the devil. Determined, she attempts to make a run for it, but the devil intercepts her swiftly. Overwhelmed, she stumbles backward, pleading, “No… save me.”

Yamini observes Bela’s fear, remarking that she is displaying emotions akin to a human and fears for her life. Mandodari coldly dismisses her concerns, callously stating that Bela should be left to perish. Unexpectedly, the devil releases his grip on Bela, causing Yamini to exclaim that she has somehow managed to repel him—a Pari in disguise. Mandodari refutes this claim, insisting that it must be someone else’s power at work. At that moment, Ranav arrives at the scene and engages in a fierce battle with the devil.

Calling out to Bela, he urges her to rise. She embraces him, but he resists her affection, reminding her that she had summoned him there. Bela recollects reaching out to Ranav and questioning his motive for summoning her. In response, he denies making the call and warns her not to approach that location. Intrigued, Bela contemplates investigating who could have summoned her. She questions Ranav about the situation, prompting him to ponder over the identity and intentions of the powerful Rakshas who could have summoned the devil. Ranav fights valiantly against the devil, eventually forcing him to retreat. Suddenly, the surroundings begin to crumble, causing Yamini to express urgency in leaving the area. Ranav checks on Bela’s well-being, and she reassures him, affirming that she is unharmed. Mandodari silently reflects on how an ordinary girl has captivated him with love. Yamini asserts that Bela is not a fairy and urges them to depart. Curious and fearful, Bela inquires about the identity of the devil who sought to end her life. Ranav decides that he must erase her memory to protect her. Returning home, he directs his powers toward Yamini, suspecting that only one person could be responsible for such an act.

He accuses you of attacking Bela. He reprimands her. She questions if he has fallen in love with Bela. His thoughts drift to Bela. He remarks that you always protect her, but does she ever protect you? He ponders who saved him that day. He warns you to stay away from Bela and Mallika. Yamini retorts that neither of them are fairies. He chuckles and accuses you of orchestrating his marriage to Bela and mistaking Mallika for a fairy. He blames you for ruining Adi’s life through his marriage to Mallika, and claims that your life has been ruined in return, suggesting that you deserve it. He storms off.

Bela suspects that Yamini suspects her true identity as a fairy, leading to the attack on her. She feels the need to protect Mallika. Ranav believes that Bela is not a fairy, but simply a problem. Upon seeing Bela, he perceives her presence as a problem. Bela wonders why he has an issue with her. He wonders why she can’t handle things on her own. She believes he thinks she has forgotten everything, but he can’t erase her memories. She retrieves her pillow from him. He stops her and notices that she didn’t even thank him. She suggests he sleep on the bed and she will sleep on the couch, to avoid any curses from him. They argue, and he pushes her away. The song “Tera Ye Ishq” plays as they share a moment of eye contact.

She realizes that whatever exists between them won’t be resolved easily. He believes that some invisible force is connecting them. Later, Ranav hears a voice calling out to him, asking him to come. He runs along the road and reaches a cave, exclaiming that it’s the same place again, and wonders who has the power to summon his soul. He hears someone calling out the name “Pratham.” He sees a picture of Ashwat and everyone else. He asks the person to reveal their face. She responds by saying that he already knows who she is.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mandodari presents the bangles, claiming they belong to the Pari who took Ashwat’s life. The elderly man remarks on the immense power that arises when two forces collide, likening it to a tempest brewing. Bela regains consciousness and frantically scans her surroundings, searching for Ranav.

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