Anupamaa 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Leela informs Pari that Anupama will be traveling to the USA, so they plan to make a video call to her. Kinjal informs Leela and Vanraj that Pakhi has decided to throw a party for Anupama at the Kapadia house. Leela reacts strongly, expressing concern that Pakhi has lost her mind. In the presence of Maya, Leela wonders why Pakhi wants to have the party. Kinjal explains to Leela that the Kapadias also wanted to bid farewell to Anupama. Kinjal shares the plan that Anupama will have lunch with them and celebrate with the Kapadias in the evening. Vanraj sits there, worried. Leela asks Vanraj if he is thinking the same thing. Vanraj expresses his desire to prevent Maya and Barkha from ruining Anupama’s happiness again.

Maya becomes angry, and Barkha advises her to make a strategic move instead of venting her frustration. Barkha warns Maya that one mistake could either bring Anuj closer or drive him away forever. Maya recalls Barkha’s caution and decides to take action. Meanwhile, Anuj accidentally encounters Anupama and learns about her injury. He offers his help. Maya asks Ankush about Anuj’s whereabouts, and Ankush reveals that he went out for some important work. Curious about Maya’s intentions, Ankush asks why she wants to know. Maya explains that she wants to discuss the party with him as well. Barkha suggests to Maya that it’s not difficult to guess where Anuj might be at the moment and advises her to stay alert. Filled with anger, Maya contemplates the possibility of Anupama leaving the world instead. She stands there, stunned by her own thoughts.

Anuj obtains Anupama’s signature on the papers and continues walking down the road, holding Anupama in his arms. They engage in a deep conversation, sharing their innermost thoughts. Curious, Anupama asks Anuj why he chose to carry her instead of driving her in the car. Anuj explains that being in the car wouldn’t allow them to be as close to each other. Anupama and Anuj cherish the moment they are sharing.

Pakhi yearns for Adhik’s presence, but he responds coldly to her. Pakhi attempts to apologize and make a fresh start with Adhik, but he refuses to listen. Determined, Pakhi decides to win Adhik back at any cost and takes inspiration from Anupama, who never gives up.

Anuj drops Anupama off at her home and asks if he should leave. Anupama confirms, and as Anuj is about to depart, she confesses that she will miss him once he goes to the USA. Anuj reciprocates, expressing how much he will miss her too. Anupama acknowledges that everything will change in five days, but their love will remain constant. Anuj and Anupama embrace each other tightly.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shahs bestows a sense of uniqueness upon Anupama, evoking her specialness. Anuj eagerly anticipates Anupama’s presence, eagerly awaiting her arrival. Meanwhile, Maya diligently searches for a solution to permanently remove Anupama from her life.

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