Anupamaa 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s press conference, Malti Devi reveals that when she first met Anupama, she made things difficult for her. However, she now commends Anupama for successfully passing all the tests and praises her for her accomplishments. Malti expresses her pride in declaring Anupama as her successor, stating that Leela has won her over. To honor Anupama, Malti decides to hold a special ceremony in front of everyone. This announcement leaves Nakul in a state of shock, while the media seizes the opportunity to interview Anupama. They inquire about her feelings after becoming Malti’s successor and ask about her future plans.

In response, Anupama shares with the press that she feels a profound sense of joy and fulfillment, akin to the emotions she experienced when she became a mother. She confesses that she never dreamt of becoming Malti’s successor, but she is immensely grateful for the opportunity. Malti, standing there, is moved to tears by Anupama’s words, and Anupama takes a moment to express her admiration for Malti.

Meanwhile, Anuj comes across a picture of Anupama and quickly hides it when Barkha enters the room. Barkha suggests that they should invite Dimple for a ritual and mentions that Maya can handle the arrangements. Anuj’s actions raise Maya’s suspicions, and she starts to doubt what he might be hiding. Barkha, noticing Maya’s growing irritation, decides to provoke her in order to make Anuj return to Mumbai. She also mentions that Anupama will not be present for Dimple’s ritual. Anuj, focusing on Dimple, decides to prepare a sweet dish for the occasion. In his heart, he silently wishes Anupama the best on her significant day, leaving Maya astonished. Anuj then instructs Ankush to bring the files to their home, as they cannot go to the office. Barkha is left in a stunned silence.

Malti inquires of Anupama’s readiness to take an oath, to which Anupama consents. Together, Malti and Anupama engage in a reverential act. Barkha manipulates Maya against Anupama, urging Maya to take action or risk losing Anuj. Barkha implants the notion in Maya’s mind that Anupama holds a superior position in Anuj’s life, leaving Maya feeling insignificant.

Meanwhile, Anuj prepares a sweet dish, believing that his happiness stems from Anupama’s contentment. He realizes his inability to distance himself from Anupama, despite her newfound happiness. Maya becomes irritated as Anuj continues to speak solely about Anupama, fearing the possibility of losing him to her.

Malti and Anupama successfully conclude the ritual, prompting Malti to inquire about Anupama’s emotions as she assumes the role of Gurukul’s successor. Anupama humbly bows down before Malti, expressing her gratitude. Maya searches for Anuj and learns from Ankush that he went to meet a client.

Elsewhere, Dimple seeks suggestions from Leela and Kinjal on what to prepare for the day. Leela suggests making a sweet dish, causing Dimple to feel offended when Leela praises Kinjal for managing both household chores and office responsibilities. Leela asks Kinjal to always remain by her side, leaving Dimple envious.

Malti asks Anupama to pledge her commitment to Gurukul above all else. Anupama reassures Malti, vowing not to let her down. Maya ponders the complex dynamics between Anupama and Anuj, growing increasingly frustrated. However, she resolves to maintain her composure. Malti announces that in six days, Anupama will be flying to the USA with them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anuj makes a heartfelt announcement, expressing his intention to part ways with Anupama and pursue a future with Maya. Additionally, he kindly requests Anupama to meet him prior to his departure for the USA.

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