Anupamaa 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Anupama approaches a vendor and politely asks if she can have a sheet of paper. As she holds the paper in her hands, memories from the past come flooding back, prompting her to fold it into a paper plane, reminiscent of happier times.

Meanwhile, Paritosh confronts Dimple, advising her to keep quiet since he possesses a list that exposes her selfish tendencies. A heated argument ensues between Dimple and Paritosh when he mentions her two failed marriages and the apparent lack of support from her family. Pakhi interjects, pointing out that Dimple never valued Anupama, questioning her loyalty towards anyone else. Dimple defends herself against the accusations.

In the midst of the commotion, Dimple asserts that Paritosh is unemployed, while Kinjal is making sincere efforts to provide for them. Leela interjects, questioning Dimple’s remark about her family not being good, reminding her that she is now a part of their family. Dimple responds by stating that she will not lower her voice, warning that if she were to succumb to the expectations placed on daughters-in-law in the household, she would face even more suffering. Kinjal attempts to intervene and calm Dimple down, but Dimple silences her as well. The tension escalates as Dimple disrespects Leela. Vanraj steps in, instructing Samar to silence Dimple, as he refuses to tolerate any disrespect towards his parents in the house. Dimple remains silent and discreetly informs Barkha of the situation, using an excuse to divert attention.

Meanwhile, Kinjal receives messages from Anupama, Anuj, and Malti, all reaching out to her. Anupama contemplates the messages and, despite the ongoing turmoil, decides to take flight, determined to face whatever challenges lie ahead. Coincidentally, she encounters Anuj during her journey. Anuj expresses his apologies to Anupama, and she takes the opportunity to inquire about Maya’s well-being. Anuj assures her that he has provided medicine for Maya, but Anupama suggests that what Maya truly needs is his presence and support. Anuj is taken aback by her words. Anupama also expresses her concern for Anu and questions if Maya’s behavior is consistent. Anuj regrets not seeking better treatment for Maya at a specialized center. Anupama assures him that dwelling on such matters is futile at this point. Curious, Anuj asks Anupama why she is so concerned about Maya. Anupama responds that Maya is Anu’s mother, just as she is, emphasizing the deep bond they share.

Shahs witness Maya’s video, where she ruins Anupama’s day, and their anger flares up. Leela urges Dimple to investigate Maya’s actions. Dimple reveals to Leela that Maya is unwell. Kinjal advises Dimple to enlighten Maya about the inappropriate use of mental illness for personal gains, emphasizing that it should not be taken lightly. Pakhi accuses Maya of putting on a show. Dimple challenges Pakhi, questioning if she is a psychiatrist. Pakhi retorts that she considers herself one for girls like Maya and Dimple. A heated argument ensues between Dimple and Pakhi.

Concerned for Maya, Anupama implores Anuj to take care of her, acknowledging that Maya needs him the most. Anuj assures Anupama that he will fulfill her wishes. He also requests Anupama to meet him one final time before she leaves. Anupama walks away, lost in her thoughts, until she receives a phone call that leaves her stunned.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nakul pleads with Malti, urging her to grant him a fair opportunity by allowing him to compete against Anupama. However, during their dance performance, Anupama sustains an injury.

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