Anupamaa 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Anupama expresses her gratitude towards Anuj, thanking him sincerely. Anuj, in return, expresses his confusion about Malti Devi referring to him as Anuj Kapadia. Anupama speculates that Malti Devi might have some knowledge about their situation or may have come across his name in the newspaper. Anuj finds the situation strange and shares his agreement with Anupama’s assessment. Anupama acknowledges the peculiarity as well. Anuj admires the rose adorning Anupama’s hair and pays her a compliment. Anupama appreciates the gesture with gratitude. Anuj then tells Anupama that despite her sharing her dream with him, he won’t stop pursuing her, but he will miss her. Anupama leaves the location, while Ankush arrives and informs Anuj that it’s time to reveal the surprise. Anuj accompanies Ankush as they both depart.

Leela inquires Vanraj about Hasmuk’s departure, and Vanraj assures her that Hasmuk reached his destination safely. Leela questions the necessity of Hasmuk’s departure when his friend had a heart attack. Vanraj assures Leela not to worry. Meenu expresses her boredom to Kinjal, wanting to know when the function will begin. Kinjal admits that she is equally clueless about the timing.

Anupama inquires of Malti if there’s anything she needs. Malti proceeds to share the conversation with Anupama. Meanwhile, Nakul makes facial expressions, indicating his disapproval. Leela engages in a conversation with Dolly, expressing her belief that Anupama is becoming overly attached to Malti. Dolly responds by acknowledging that Malti has entrusted a significant responsibility to Anupama. Leela counters by suggesting that Malti has trapped Anupama. Dolly advises Leela not to jump to conclusions, while Leela expresses her confusion regarding Vanraj’s sudden attentiveness towards Kavya. Dolly encourages Leela to embrace the moment, as happiness has finally arrived after a long time. Leela pessimistically comments that happiness is fleeting, as it will vanish once Dimple enters the house. Dolly urges Leela to stop overthinking.

In another scene, Kavya advises Vanraj not to fuss over her so much. Vanraj insists that he is doing it wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, Anupama decides to fetch some water for Malti. This prompts Nakul to question Malti’s preference for Anupama over him. Malti defends her choice, stating that Anupama is more deserving. Nakul questions what that implies for him, and Malti asserts that she wouldn’t neglect him without a plan. Anupama interrupts their conversation, irritating Nakul. At that moment, Vanraj notices Nakul’s presence.

Anuj and Ankush take the stage to announce a surprise. They begin dropping hints about a renowned personality who will grace the event. Paritosh suggests that it might be a famous figure. Anupama guesses that it could be Kumar Sanu.

To everyone’s delight, Kumar Sanu enters the venue, singing a song. Anupama expresses her gratitude to Kumar Sanu for performing her favorite song. Kumar Sanu reveals that Anuj had made a request specifically for Anupama. Anupama thanks Anuj, while Maya stands annoyed. Kumar Sanu proceeds to sing more songs, and Anuj and Anupama daydream about dancing together. Malti becomes irritated and warns Anupama not to let Anuj become an obstacle in her dreams.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anupama reassures Malti that she won’t let her down. In response, Malti expresses her anticipation of the same. However, she surprises Anupama by emphasizing the significant amount of time she believes has been squandered for the event.

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