Anupamaa 7th May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 7th May 2023 Written Story Update On

Anupama is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Anuj, admiring his photo and feeling excited at the prospect of seeing him again. Hasmukh and Kanta notice her anticipation and try to cheer her up, while the younger members of the family dance around her to the upbeat tune of Dil Nayyo Lagda. As Anupama recalls her past moments with Anuj, watching the youngsters mimicking them, she joins in the dancing with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Barkha is trying to contact Maaya, hoping that she will be able to stop Anuj from leaving. She has put in so much effort and is determined not to lose the battle. Kavya, who notices Anupama feeling shy upon receiving a message from Anuj, insists on seeing the message and teasing her about the sari that Anuj has bought for her. She reveals that Anuj will be arriving in just two hours, which makes Anupama feel like a newlywed bride.

However, things take a dramatic turn when Anuj realizes that his clothes are missing from his bag. He discovers them in the cupboard and confronts Maaya, accusing her of interfering. Maaya insists that she will not let him go and hugs him tightly, pleading with him to stay. Anuj warns her to let him go as he loves only Anupama and no one else. Maaya clings to him, refusing to let go, but Anuj pushes her away.

When Maaya locks the door to prevent him from leaving, Anuj breaks the lock with a single kick. Maaya continues to hold onto him, but Anuj warns her to stay away, expressing his disappointment that she would stoop so low. Despite Maaya’s pleas, Anuj is determined to be with Anupama and nobody else.

As Kanta reminisces about Anupama’s return to her house, she becomes emotional. Anupama reassures her that she is only going to the Kapadia mansion and that Kanta can visit her frequently. In fact, Anupama will even visit Kanta daily for her dance lessons. However, the children tease Anupama, suggesting that Anuj will soon be joining her. Blushing, Anupama acknowledges that Anuj will arrive in just two hours.

Meanwhile, Anuj is en route to the airport and is filled with disgust as he recalls Maaya’s recent behavior. Despite this, he realizes that he is more eager than ever to see Anupama. In his mind, he imagines Anupama sitting on the hood of a car as the song “Jab Se Tumko Chaha Hai Sanam” plays in the background. He longs to be with her and romantically approaches her in his fantasy.

Eventually, Anuj realizes that it was only his imagination, but he vows never to stray from Anupama. As Maaya repeatedly calls him, he rejects her calls, fully committed to being with Anupama.

Adhik expresses his anxiety to Ankush and asks him if he thinks that he is causing harm to himself. In response, Ankush explains that Adhik’s sister is leading him down a path that will result in poverty, even if he succeeds in life. He elaborates that a person is truly poor when they have lots of money but no relationships, and Adhik’s sister is teaching him to break these relationships. Despite this, Ankush acknowledges that his sister is not entirely incorrect, as they will become Anuj’s subordinates when he returns. He advises Adhik to work hard and build his own empire rather than focusing on someone else’s bread, reminding him that he will be hungry for success his entire life if he doesn’t.

Ankush recognizes that Adhik respects and obeys his sister, but warns him not to follow her misguided advice. He explains that neither he nor Adhik nor Barkha are as business-savvy as Anuj, who is the true leader the Kapadia empire needs. Ankush cautions Adhik against following in Anuj’s footsteps, as Anuj ruined his business due to overconfidence.

Regarding the conflict between Adhik and Pakhi, Ankush advises Adhik to stop fighting with Pakhi, as she is not at fault. Barkha agrees with Ankush’s assessment, admitting that she was greedy and made a mistake. She suggests that they should accept Anuj’s return and support his reunion with Anupama. Although Ankush is suspicious of Barkha’s intentions, she assures him that she is only thinking of herself and not plotting another scheme.

Anupama anxiously prepares fritters, hoping that Anuj will arrive soon. She daydreams about Anuj embracing her and asking for the fritters she’s made. Suddenly, she notices Samar standing before her instead. He informs her that Anuj’s phone is switched off and that he may be in a fight, but her wait will soon be over.

Leela shares her thoughts with Vanraj and Toshu, telling them that she didn’t expect Anuj to return and that they should force Anupama to return to the Shah household. Toshu disagrees, believing that Anuj will come back. Leela speculates that Anuj may have already boarded his flight. Vanraj expresses his confusion regarding how Maaya could have allowed Anuj to leave, suggesting that Maaya is not the sacrificing type.

As Vanraj receives a call and grins, Leela asks about the caller’s identity. Vanraj responds that it was a call from the office and suggests they visit Anupama’s house. When Leela asks if he wants to witness Anupama’s vidayi ritual, Vanraj proposes that if they cannot find happiness, they should share in someone else’s happiness, and that they should all participate in Anupama’s joy.

To Anupama’s surprise, Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik show up at her door.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anupama is filled with anxiety as she attempts to leave her home to meet Anuj. However, her plans are suddenly interrupted when Anuj gives her a call, leaving her completely stunned. Meanwhile, Vanraj and Barkha exchange smirks, their motives unknown.

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