Anupamaa 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Barkha expresses to Pakhi that her apology holds no value for Adhik. She reveals that Adhik ignores her and doesn’t appreciate her efforts. Curious, Barkha asks Pakhi what is causing her to resemble Anupama. Pakhi responds by stating that she is now unaffected by Barkha’s criticisms. She urges Barkha to focus on Anupama’s farewell party. Barkha refuses to participate, declaring that she won’t do anything. Pakhi threatens to inform Anuj about Barkha’s behavior. Feeling overwhelmed, Barkha is left in shock. Meanwhile, Anupama and Anuj break their hug as Anuj’s phone rings.

Anuj reluctantly admits that he has to leave despite not wanting to. Anupama acknowledges that she also doesn’t want to let him go but understands that she must. Both Anuj and Anupama confess that they will miss each other dearly. Anuj departs, stealing a glance at Anupama before leaving. Anupama advises him to be careful, and Anuj expresses his desire to capture the moment. After Anuj leaves, Anupama cries.

Maya anxiously waits for Anuj, and when he finally arrives, she immediately inquires about his whereabouts. Anuj informs her that he was occupied with an important task. Maya’s suspicion is triggered by Anuj’s explanation, making her doubt him. Her anger intensifies upon noticing Anupama’s bindi on Anuj’s clothes. In her imagination, Maya envisions Anuj and Anupama laughing together, mocking her. Anupama reveals that Maya is unaware of Anuj’s involvement with her, and even Anu is in on it. Anuj questions what will happen to Maya in this situation. Fearing that Anuj and Anupama may send her to a mental asylum, Maya tries to regain her composure. She decides to take action, as she suspects that Anupama might not go or might take Anuj along.

Meanwhile, Leela and Kinjal prepare food according to Anupama’s preferences. Leela regrets her previous strictness towards Anupama, while Kinjal affectionately compliments Leela. Dimple offers her assistance, leaving Leela and Kinjal surprised. Dimple apologizes to Leela and volunteers to make a carrot cake for Anupama. Kinjal asks Dimple to proceed with the preparation, but Dimple smirks, sensing Kinjal and Leela’s reactions.

Anuj finds himself already missing Anupama and worries about what will happen in the future. Maya catches sight of Anuj with a picture of Anupama. Overwhelmed, Maya tears apart the picture of Anupama and Anuj, contemplating how she will handle seeing them together. Her frustration grows.

Anupama seeks Kanta’s advice while selecting a saree. Kanta assists her, and Anupama receives a message from Leela, which Kanta decodes. Anupama praises Leela, but Kanta expresses concern about going to the Kapadia house and worries about Maya. Anupama explains that she received a call from Pakhi and doesn’t want to disappoint her because of Maya. Kanta sits there, worried, but Anupama reassures her. Anupama shares her desire to live her life to the fullest before leaving. She eagerly anticipates attending farewell parties.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Shahs extend a warm welcome to Anupama, while Maya resolves to eliminate her presence.

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